The Paradox

When I was a child
I dreamed about growing up fast
Now I do the grown up things
and miss being a child

When I was a little girl
I dreamed about Mr right
Now I am a wife
and miss searching for love

When I was young
I dreamed about starting a family
Now I am a mother
and miss being young and free

When I was unsure of myself
I dreamed about being confident and secure
Now I am matured
and miss the uncertainty of life

Ready Or Not

Girlie On The Edge Six Sentence Story prompt – Visa

It’s been five whole years since they last talked.
The pandemic lockdown broke them apart, and the need for companion snuffled the remanence of love.
Living with stage four cancer turned her world upside-down, priority of life, things that truly matter and making amends were all she could think of in every waking moment.
She stocked up in medicications, purchased a plane ticket, got a visa approval, and said goodbye to her loved ones, in case she doesn’t make it back home after the trip.
The same driver way, the same door, the same smell of the garden, and the same bird songs, all these were so familiar, but it’s a gamble, she wasn’t really sure if he still lives there, and it felt like centuries have passed before she worked up the courage to knock at the door.
The door opened and a young woman was looking at her, then called out her name, ‘Dad took his own life two months ago, we are here to tidy up his house for sale, would you like to come in?’

Before Sunrise

Long Reef lookout, Sydney, Australia

I watch these two
before Sunrise

Knowing my father
values my son’s company
more than the glorious sun
He is an old man
seen many sunrises

My son
for the first time
experiences the magnificence
of a new day
with his favourite person

I love watching sunrise
But my eyes
cannot move pass
the love between them
They are worth
missing the sunrise for

Phase of Life

The realisation that I am getting old and tired comes from the cynicism. Many things once were adventurous and exciting, now are like chores.

Taking a walk in the light rain is overrated. Nursing a cold afterwards kills all romantic notion.

Love making on the beach is overrated. Dealing with cleaning the collected sand is a chore of the century.

Staying up to watch the midnight firework at a vantage point is overrated. Fighting a spot to lay on a picnic rug to wait for hours to watch the fireworks is time consuming and value inapt.

Real comfort now comes from resting a cuppa on my gut and watching true crimes in my pajamas.

成熟 (Maturity)




He used to say
I wasted my life
by watching the world
going around me

I used to say
He spent all his time
on building an ideal world

We were both
so black and white
couldn’t understand
the truth about life

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