A Dead End

He keeps packing, travelling, working,
never ending
He is afraid to stop becuase he has a home no more
The lonely journey on the road is way better than the one he endures in life
In the end, he will die a workaholic with no family to feed
That to him, it’s still better than a lone man with no one to bury him


Go Dog Go Cafe writing prompt – write a poem starts with “before this moment’

Before this moment
Moment was just a string of bubbles
threaded by time
Time in essence was an illusion of endless future
Future ceased to exist just before this moment

The Effervescent Bunch

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Effectvescent

We are the middle aged youth who are energetic and effervescent.
We take life’s crisis head-on without whinging or whining.
We have enough discernment to choose which battle to fight.
We see wisdom in both the young and the old.
We learned to count our blessings than troubles.
We taste the goodness of life in the most ordinary way.


The Living Poetry prompt

he is trapped in a hexagonal prism
it’s not obvious as a hamster wheel
he thinks he is going somewhere
for it stops and starts
at the edges

he wonders
he is tired of going uphill
he feels nothing at the peak
his tomorrow feels just like
yesterday’s old socks

he is trapped to live his life
through the prism of
what he lacks

Birds and You

I love the quiet
But I prefer birds sing
I am tired of listening to people
But your speaking makes me happy
Someone is so full of enthusiasm
It isn’t what I am used to
Someone is so full of life
It is what my heart desires
How satisfying
A life filled with birds singing
And you

Old Pair of Hands

Her hands
traveled a great distance in time
from her mother’s nourishing bosoms
led by her father’s sturdy palms

Her hands
was given away to a trustworthy man
whose gentle touch unlocked her heart
overflown with joy

Her hands
were latched on by tiny fingers
fragile and angelic
never ever letting go

Her hands
traveled afar in the land
from the touch of life giving soil and rain
to the production line and paperwork
the wrinkles told of her life long hard work
the sun spots apprised her of a blessed long life


You are remembered on earth here
where the land meets the sea
Your ashes and bones vibrated
by the waves battering the rocks
and yet
you are begging for more
to remind you that
your life is ongoing
after its last breath
till the ocean erodes the land
You go under the water
and be free

Photos by Cassa Bassa, Waverly cemetery, Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I don’t know what to do
except sobbing with you.
I would love to give you the world
God has intended for you.
But I have found myself
standing in a place
living the wrong life
I am taking up a heart’s space
by being in the wrong time.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do and Be

Life is fragile when we think it will go on.
Do things you always want to do and you don’t need to be ready.
Go places you always want to be without planning.
See people you want to see just because.
Say I love you to someone special and not worry if you hear it back.
Life is fragile and you live it as intended.



A collaboration with Jonathan Swift Pines

There are things she sees are pretty
They go beyond her basic needs

The sun is warm and cheery
Too much of it
freckles gather on her cheeks

Charming freckles, like those on a child
whose innocent heart would burst with a smile

The rain is soothing and musical
Too much of it
sadness floods on her soul

Raindrops can harmonize with memories
Too many and the mind is adrift

The world of art is beautiful and enchanting
Too much of it
inadequacy breaks down her creativity

Happiness makes her vulnerable
The more she has, the more she has to lose

There are so many lows after the highs
When all that is stripped away
She realises how much satisfaction
she has in a mundane life