Inception of Ending

my heart crumbled
before we slowly withered
as home closed in
while the nation screamed at
the world’s collapse

at what point
the world was too big
to bridge the nations
which divided our home
where you and I struggled to
couch together
my heart crumbled
at last


She bathed in the warm sunlight
lazed around in feline stretch

He sat on his throne of darkness
with fairy lights twinkling

His stare ravished her
making the sun blush
the clouds gathered to hide its shyness
and brought rain to nourish her desire

She lost her brightness to his temptation
He drew her closer to his kingdom
She fought and writhed to shake off her impulse
to prevent the collision of the two worlds

Always with me

I wanted to write
something romantic
on Valentine’s Day

The performance pressure
ate up
my little brain

I wrote nothing
for you
needlessly to say

I thought to myself today
what is the one thing
to give up
that I will hate

and caffeine

Then it daunted
on me
you are
my coffee keep cup
who accompanies me
from the moment I wake
to the moment
I close the curtain of
the daily play


I love you like a sunflower looks up patiently for the rain
I love you like a child dances freely with the ocean waves
I love you like a helper takes upmost pride in her protector
I love you like a humble servant selflessly waits her master
I love you like a saint keeps no record of wrongs
I love you like a gentle soul forever keeps you safe and secure
I love you like this all my waking moment every day
I don’t know how to love you any other way

Romantic punishment

I keep saying
the honeymoon period will end in due time
you will no longer write poetry about me

You said there is no such thing
I am just overthinking myself stupid
waiting for tragedy to happen
when there is no reason to believe
that our love is fading

As a punishment
I have got your man flu
you have got my period

Simply satisfied

her heart is
the rollercoaster
in the amusement park
of the sanctuary valley

she is grateful
when she sounds
I need you
I want you
I miss you
I love you
they boomerang

what better place
than this
where her heart
finds rest