Happy Birthday

Happy birthday
The world is a better place
because you are in it

Blow candles
wish a future without worries
Cut cakes
into seven slicers
like the footprints of your books

Happy many birthdays
You’ll see your children grow up
and experience the joy of your grandchildren

I’ll always think of you
on your birthday
you once lit up my world
The night sky is glorious
because of you

Lost and Found

Last night you swam freely in the ocean
Rode alongside the dolphins
Unafraid of the jelly fish
I wanted to join you to venture into the deep
My body was reality bound
A child longed for freedom through the aquarium glass

This morning I strolled along the beach
Looked for the remnant of the past
No sign of dolphains, nor jelly fish
Only a sail boat on the edge of the horizon
I wondered if you caught my message bottle


I know I am not special.
If I were,
I would have read a poem
that you wrote especially for me
on my birthday
because you are a poet
and a damn great one.

I know I am not special.
If I were,
I would have heard you ask me
“What can I do to make your loss feel
more bearable?”
because you do
have a compassionate heart.

I know I am not special.
If I were,
I would have seen
the action after hearing
“I am sorry.”
because action speaks
far louder than words.

I know I am not special
despite how many ‘I love you’s
and justifiable reasons.
I don’t buy it!
Because my heart
feels like an insignificant speck of dust
floating on the ultra unrealistic
social media platform.

11 August 2020

A malnourished heart bled in broken melody
Would you still hear her devotion
A songbird choked on poison berries
Would you fight to nurse her back to health

I guess
most of us watched in horror
frozen in action
became busy licking our own wounds

It is inevitable that
the heart stopped
the bird died


I asked the bartender for a refreshing, citrusy and green drink.
He brought me a Southside garnished with a cute mint leaf.
I almost heard you say in that American midwest accent,
“It is originated from the south side of /ˌɪləˈnɔɪ/  and /ʃɪˈkɑːɡəʊ/.”


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