The Great Escape

She packed two silk dresses
seven different red lipsticks
caught the midnight train
to Paris

The rhythm of train lulled her
to the memory of yesterdays

She was cut off from the world
that she once lived in vibrancy
by a pair of cruel hands clasped around her neck
deceiving her as a silk tie but deadly
Light went out of her in that luxurious villa
Her shadow ghost roamed among the Spanish antique furniture
and priceless artworks

She pressed her pale face
on the tan sandstone wall
longing for the sun to rescue her
She envied the robins sang freely in the midst of bluebells and primroses

The night was starless
But she saw Van Gogh’s cafe de nuit
and smelled the roses wrapped in newspaper
resting casually on the table
by a café allongé
The soft song of J’en connais
calling her home

* This poem was included in Wounds I Healed, published by EIF, edited by Gabriela Milton.


Lies her father told 
Fested within her

They formed a filter
Bluring her vision
They grew skin tags
Choking her breathing
They wrapped calluses
Around her heart

She saw the world
In distortion
She was suffocated
From lack of truth
Her heart was hardened
Inner vows took root

He father told lies
To her innocent little girl
Now she is imprisoned
Under his everlasting curse
She is plotting to destroy him
Before he does


She carried her backpack
with IDs
and walked out 
one day after 
their son turned 18

She became 
the irresponsible one
when her only responsibility
was adult enough
to cope with 
a family breakup

She took the first flight
to a new city
to start a real life
left behind
an adult child
and a juvenile husband


Hug a tree

There is skin
rougher than your busy hands
There is beauty
rounder than your waist line
There is life
standing tall and self-sustaining
There is a underground network
empowering you to escape

Hug a tree

Let it remind you
you life is far from ruined
It begins 
when you realise
how strong
how beautiful
you are

Hug a tree
break free
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