Through your lens

Is that really me?
I have lost that smile
for a decade.
For the first time
in a long time,
I look ahead without
the fear of sunset.
It is all because
the safety I feel
through your lens.

Walk away

don’t pack
another person’s life
into your suitcase
walk away
the most valuable will
to survive

the shell you lived in
was long decayed
with warm toned furniture
fluffy rugs
and distant smiles in
old photographs

don’t think about tomorrow
what you will need
tomorrow takes care of itself
take hold of today
you have lived on
the unattended emotions
the isolation from life
the false hatred of yourself

walk away
you walk away
from ruin
a new vista


break off the commitment leash
jump for joy over the fence
to ever greener pasture

run wild on hills and in valleys
summersault adrenaline ignites every cell

I can breathe!

I can breathe
the wildflowers’ subtlety
the wildfire’s smog
the summer love
once more