Not All Dreams Come True

The recurring dream visited me again

I lie weak and still
in a white bleach bed

The IV drips in a limestone cave
dissociates from my vein

His magnetic reading voice
drifting in and out of my conscious
sometimes the news
sometimes poetry
sometimes from my favourite novel

The sun is warm and bright
My inside is just a set of dying organs
My eyes surrender to the light

I woke up in the middle of the night
It was raining outside
The reality hit me
He was so far away from me
Dying alone was no longer a dream.

A 365 day dream

I had two dreams
never thought they would come true
for I did not know one led to another

I had lived in a slumber for so long
never knew I held the key to these dreams
so I was stuck on the detour to nowhere

I was dying of exhaustion
desperately seeking a spring
to continue on the winding road

at the beginning of the 365 day journey
everyday life aroused no emotions in me
all I could manage was
to do the only thing that would
bring me relief to this numbness
I poured out my daydreams on paper

I am halfway to the end of the 365 day journey
the tingling in my brain
the restless finger tapping
the nourishment from the spring
living my dreams day and night

at the end of the 365 day milestone
skipping down the dream pathway
the key around my neck
to the sunlit conscious tomorrows