Travel Away

The Living Poetry visual prompt

There is something about packing up your bag
to travel away from all things
unresolved, unresolvable, underserving of resolution

There is this escape to
an unknown, unfamiliar, understating place
where your story is new, fresh, mysterious
worthy of all the attention from strangers

The you on a travel trip
is you
is the you never expressed
isn’t you
isn’t the you known most of your lifetime

A plane carries you away
to a land of wonder
only you define it to be
when the troubled waters
flooded home

(Photo by Stephanie Katz)


The world is going around
and I am in it

The earth keeps spinning
I am somewhat going along
even in stationary

Everything is like high speed rail
while I am in 10x slow motion

Would we take our time
take a piss out of life
to realise its vanity
and our foolish pursuit

Forgive me who counts on me
I cannot give you
what haven’t already given to you
your dissatisfaction is not
my burden to bear
seek from the Giver
not me, a mule
merely carries its own load

I am so very tired
the burnt shoulders
the worn out sandles
the vacant mind

I need rest
there is the quiet
then there is you
the green pasture beneath my feet
a bed of clouds to dream on
a velvet blanket to shield me
a peaceful presence surpasses all understanding

I pitch a tent here
where the world becomes lovely
where humans are bearable again
only in your refuge