Alarm Clock

Living Poetry modified prompt words to suit the southern hemisphere – Autumn, Kookaburra, So

The laughing kookaburras
sitting on the blue gum
in the dark
at my backyard
calling forth the day early
so early
so eager
so loud

It’s only March
Autumn is barely here
The weather is still hot
I feel bothered
by their singing
over the green valley farm
They may wake up the farmer
who has long range
home made slingshots

There may be a chance
They will be silenced
Then there may be a chance
I’ll be late for work
If I no longer have them
to wake me at the wee hours


Living Poetry prompt – River

I wanted to be a lake
But you made me a river
Passion gushed from my sanctuary
Earnestly flowed toward you

You were an island
But I wanted you to be a raft
I was so far gone with my mind
incapable of being tied down

My tears broke the flood gate
Forever gone with the stream


Living Poetry word prompt – Abandon

She thinks black and white
She knows right or wrong
She is refreshing
when she speaks her mind
She is energising
when she speaks your mind
She is beautiful
when she dances with total abandon
She is light
when she faces the sun
singing to the birds


This is written based on Living Poetry word prompt – Race, machine, epigraph

The human race are not machines.
Grease and grime don’t feed us.
Electricity or coal don’t power us.
Carriage or container don’t move us.
We are flesh and blood bear sins.
There was epigraph written long before our birth.
We are of love, power and sound minds.

Pure Heat

Living Poetry prompt – Summer

Your perfume hits me
before the summer heat

You walk through the door
while peeling off a work day

Your tan skin busies my eyes
through the shower screen

I race toward you
just in time

Before the cooling water cascades down your toned frame
I bury myself in you
unleashing a full day’s longing

The Boat People

Living Poetry word prompt writing

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride.
I love you because I know no other way than this.
So close that your hand, on my chest, is my hand.”

You recite Neruda to your dying husband
in the storm this boat cannot withstand
We may not enter the safe haven after all
My last sight of this calamity is love on display
I thank you fellow refugees
When I close my eyes,
I know the goodness of God

Farewell My Lover

This is written based on Living Poetry’s Music prompt: Concierto de Aranjuez: II. Adagio

The tangerine sun sets on our last night together
The breeze is humid
an excuse to our moistened eyes
Your skin still burns on mine
My hair is still soaked in the summer heat

Tonight the song is sorrowful
Tomorrow you’ll saddle for a foreign land
leaving my wanting heart behind
How much slower a second can be
split in half, even a quarter

The moon shows her sad face
glistened with tears blotting the sky
My soul wilts
Latching on your strength
till the morning glow bathes our sin clean

The last sight of you
Combing the mane before your journey
My hair become fragrant and sleek
Dust and cracked soil takes you away
Our love is tainted all over again

Tree and Paper

Living Poetry prompt – Tree

If only
you can see the future
You won’t get hung up
on wrapping your arms
around the memory
of your thriving youth

The old self you shed
pushing outward
to form calluses
telling the world
that you are wiser
by counting the rings
of your wrinkles

You never see the future
of your exhausted face
made into sheets of canvas
for beauty to take forms
pleasing to our eyes
and souls

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