The Living Poetry word prompt – north, return, woman

They say
A woman is a man’s north star
She guides him home in the darkest night

They alao say
A man’s chest is a woman’s house
She wanders around her whole life
until she returns to mend his brokenness

A Half Winter Sonnet

In response to The Living Poetry prompt – Summer/Winter, I produced a half sonnet. The reason I called it half is because I managed 7 lines, 10 syllabus each line, with no iambic pentameter or rhyme. 🤪

You came in the deep of the darkest night
The leaves stripped off the trees by violence
You sealed their fate with humiliation
Snow white wedding gown on threadbare body
The bride weeped bitterly in her slender
Larmenting her beauty taken by you
Your treacherous hands ruined the most pure

The Three Sisters

The Living Poetry prompt – air, certain, raise

I love watching sunrise over the Blue Mountains.
When the sun bathes the Three Sisters, it raises the thick moist air with full force of seduction.
There is a certain irresistible temptation I correlate with King David.
Bathsheba was alone, but I am faced with three folds.

The Aftermath

Go Dog Go Cafe word prompt – negative, erosion, balance

I look at our past
through sepia negatives
what once was a rock
worn down by the rain of fights
erosion of grief
earthquake of rage
faded into nothing more than particles of clay
on an out of balance
stage of life

I no longer wonder
why you work yourself to death
and I seek solace in the bottles


The Living Poetry word prompt - Remedy

He is a remedy for disaster
always in for the spur of the moment
lack of structure
inability to follow instructions
trigger happy is his signature
a tiny cell in the marfia organism
domino effect till the world rots
in total surrender

Over Sharing

This piece is inspired by Baker’s Introduction Poem

The meetings
The idealists
Oh how annoying
Hands waving
Pick me, me , me
Machine gun firing ideas
Who is gonna get down
and carry out the plan
And who will pick up the pieces
scattered around the finish line

At least
I have control over poetry
I started one
and I definately finish it
Even sometimes it reads rubbish
I may not get recognised for brilliance
I certainly get a medal for persistence
I ranted
like bursting a pimple
What a relief


The Living Poetry prompt

he is trapped in a hexagonal prism
it’s not obvious as a hamster wheel
he thinks he is going somewhere
for it stops and starts
at the edges

he wonders
he is tired of going uphill
he feels nothing at the peak
his tomorrow feels just like
yesterday’s old socks

he is trapped to live his life
through the prism of
what he lacks

New Normal

The Living Poetry word prompt – Ocean

Cars crawling on the highway again
signifying the returnimg of the normal life.
But it isn’t normal
that life is filled with rushing,
crowding and fighting for space again.
We learned the lesson from calamities.
But we ditch them like disposal plastics
and let them drown in the open oceans with indigestion.

The Poor and The Rich Support Each Other

The Living Poetry word prompt – Especially, Sale, Spirit

Charity ball is a perfect sale network opportunity
especially for semi drunken business representatives
All deals achieved spring from seemingly innocent chitchatting
in the high spirit of supporting those in need


The Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

You know when we were first going out, I googled you?

No way! 

I found out you were one of the MARVEL Team Titans characters called Redwing.

Are you serious? Carrie Levine the Redwing!?!

If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself.