Code Word

Living Poetry prompt – Picnic

Prosecco in the chiller
French brie with rice crackers
Carrot and celery sticks
We were off to a picnic!

We walked a mile
deep into the curve
of the sandy bay
passed the nude beach
waved at saggy breasts and balls

We set up the sun tent
spent a Sunday morning
making out
But we told everyone
that “We are off to a picnic!”

Alarm Clock

Living Poetry modified prompt words to suit the southern hemisphere – Autumn, Kookaburra, So

The laughing kookaburras
sitting on the blue gum
in the dark
at my backyard
calling forth the day early
so early
so eager
so loud

It’s only March
Autumn is barely here
The weather is still hot
I feel bothered
by their singing
over the green valley farm
They may wake up the farmer
who has long range
home made slingshots

There may be a chance
They will be silenced
Then there may be a chance
I’ll be late for work
If I no longer have them
to wake me at the wee hours


Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt – Tension

The tension between the boss and the new hire is so obvious to everyone in the office.

We heard hard cover folders being thrown to the door, the boss’s fist banging on the desk, shoes shuffling on the wooden floor. When she came out of his office, her face is flushed with red, mascara smeared by tears possibly. We feel really sorry for her because we all know about our boss’s bad temper.

I walked up to her desk and whispered to her, “Sweety, it’ll get better after probation, just hang in there, alright?” She whispered back with a giggle, “I thought it can’t get any better, it was mind blowing!”


Girlie on the edge’s six sentence story prompt word – wrap

When you pour your love into me, happy molecules overflow from my pores like the sunlight through the canopy.

I look up to you with admiring crescent moon eyes, letting all your splendour shimmer over me.

We are wrapped in this silk cacoon waiting to be birthed into something magnificent with blinding colours.

Who’d have known that we are capable of creating such life and joy, all in a matter of auras flashing and mortal intertwined?

We can’t help but worship the creator creating such divine bond between two souls.

Unity in unison in welcoming a new life of oneness with twinkling eyes and fulfilling smile, we are in awe.


This is written in response to Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt – Mess.

That was probably the hardest video call he had to make, the ambience filled with a sense of dread.

“I decided to take the teaching job offer and stay in Berlin”, he launched straight into it without delaying the blade.

Silence, absolutely silence, then her eyes welled up, then the screen went blank, clearly, she hanged up.

Then the text came, “Obviously, you have made up you mind. I have nothing to say and no strength to fight for us anymore. I wish you all the best and I still love us, but that’s the past .”

After sending the text, she let her tears roll down like a waterfall sitting in the waiting area of the abortion clinic; what was a decision to be made, now is a conclusion.

From the soundbar, Ami Winehouse is singing, “…love is a losing game, one I wished I never played, oh what a mess we made…”


Living Poetry prompt – River

I wanted to be a lake
But you made me a river
Passion gushed from my sanctuary
Earnestly flowed toward you

You were an island
But I wanted you to be a raft
I was so far gone with my mind
incapable of being tied down

My tears broke the flood gate
Forever gone with the stream

Soldier on

Living Poetry prompt writing – Waste Land

The city is stirred to uncertainty
among concrete slabs
and slate stones

Gray is the mood
mixing with false Hope
of a human Messiah
clothed in eloquent speech
and charisma

Change births no life
autumn leaves bring on doom
Yet, we are still hopeful
knowing the joy of spring

The vision of new life
and growth
gives us the strength
to plough through the wasteland

Pumpkin Field

Remember that pumpkin field
under the harvest moon
where we lay in the coolness of the night?

A beatle crawled around my ankle
while your fingers gliding between my longing
landed in a fire
ignited by our stardust kisses.

The shallow field matched our breaths.
The rough skin of the pumpkin fruits
reminded me of your raw passion
overcame the smoothness of my skin.

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