The Sea

The Living Poetry Prompt

When I was little I was weak
Dreams I had seem too young ago
Now I am strong enough to walk miles to the deep
The dead calm under the water revitalises my soul
As a young man I saw visions
A fish twisted into a spiral preying on ships
My life worn heart unrests in sleep confusion
Leviathan tangles with my spirit in a dream script



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He is a Doer

Living Poetry prompt – Practical

She is dreaming up
all the grand qualities
in a man

He gives her an adorable smile
kisses her like a devil
passionately makes love to her
like there is no tomorrow

She pants and moans
thinks about their likely
possible future together

He looks at her with his puppy eyes
lays with her over and over
he says to her
I am labouring to give you a child
for our future
My Queen!