Over Sharing

This piece is inspired by Baker’s Introduction Poem

The meetings
The idealists
Oh how annoying
Hands waving
Pick me, me , me
Machine gun firing ideas
Who is gonna get down
and carry out the plan
And who will pick up the pieces
scattered around the finish line

At least
I have control over poetry
I started one
and I definately finish it
Even sometimes it reads rubbish
I may not get recognised for brilliance
I certainly get a medal for persistence
I ranted
like bursting a pimple
What a relief


The Living Poetry prompt

he is trapped in a hexagonal prism
it’s not obvious as a hamster wheel
he thinks he is going somewhere
for it stops and starts
at the edges

he wonders
he is tired of going uphill
he feels nothing at the peak
his tomorrow feels just like
yesterday’s old socks

he is trapped to live his life
through the prism of
what he lacks

New Normal

The Living Poetry word prompt – Ocean

Cars crawling on the highway again
signifying the returnimg of the normal life.
But it isn’t normal
that life is filled with rushing,
crowding and fighting for space again.
We learned the lesson from calamities.
But we ditch them like disposal plastics
and let them drown in the open oceans with indigestion.

The Poor and The Rich Support Each Other

The Living Poetry word prompt – Especially, Sale, Spirit

Charity ball is a perfect sale network opportunity
especially for semi drunken business representatives
All deals achieved spring from seemingly innocent chitchatting
in the high spirit of supporting those in need


The Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

You know when we were first going out, I googled you?

No way! 

I found out you were one of the MARVEL Team Titans characters called Redwing.

Are you serious? Carrie Levine the Redwing!?!

If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself.

Join and Have Some Fun

Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

“Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!

What if we had a clock where, instead of the ordinals representing hours, they represented months? At the end of the 12th month, it would roll over to the next year and a number would flash in the center of the clock. The optional feature (of course) is what the year represents. Option 1: your age. Option 2: the current year. Regardless of the numerics, at the conclusion of 12 months, the clock would begin flashing, there, in the center either the YEAR or your AGE…

Hey, let’s give it up for Cassa Bassa! She took me up on last Sunday’s post invitation to provide this week’s prompt word. You go girl!
Have a fantastic week everyone. Challenge yourself. Do something different.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Return here, link your post Wednesday night through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 😀


“Words are the most subtle symbols which we possess, and our human fabric depends on them.” – Iris Murdoch”

A Homeless Man

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Beam  

I have never seen such sallow vacant eyes.
They are the aftermath of a night’s terror in a haunted house with rotting beams full of bats.
Even the early Summer sun and warm breeze does not bring hope.
A lone scruffy man sits on a weathered park bench.
Crows are roaming around him unearthing grubs.
I wonder if those park crows ever consider pecking him like they do with carrion.


This is a collaboration piece with Spirited Soul based on a Poetic Duets Prompt – “Pick any of the 5 senses. Now, imagine your life without it, and describe it poetically.” This prompt came from Instagram @PoeticDuets

Beautiful green and orange chunks weaved through the spongy dough.
Aromatic toasted nuts gave that firm structure
like the solid brick work in an architecture piece.
When the baking oven timer went off like a diner bell,
my nose was overwhelmed by the healthy wholesomeness.
My mouth salivated in great anticipation.

As I slide the fork from in between my lustrous lips,
I feel the thick, coarse lump in my mouth.
Swirling around like dry sand when I chew.
Feeling like a handful of moving bugs as I try to swallow.
The kind that land inside your mouth after an enjoyable motorbike ride.

The Night Owl Writer

The Living Poetry prompt – Night

is the night
when darkness strikes

Dim and gloom mood
lid up
by the cobra blue moonlight

runs wild
on a sleek dark horse back

Twilight characters
in the witching hour

The tower card
read not in jeopardy
but in salvation


The Living Poetry prompt – Outrage

outrage are the worker bees
sweet honey they bleed to feed the upper chains
while their hives crumble

they are bees by nature
they work to the ground
they are greedy beasts by nature
they kill for food