The Short of It

I mostly write short poetry, so it is fitting that my four short poems have been published by Susi’s the short of it.


Older and wiser
Acting more silly

Unintended Strategy

She’s always his unrequited.
That’s how she won him over.


I love you most
When you say very little
And do what’s needed
To keep me smiling


I drink too much
Because I cannot bear
To see my sober self
In the mirror
It reminds me of
Every bit of
what’s wrong with me
The day you left

#Publication – The Poets Symphony (re-promotion)

The Poets Symphony
Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems
Published by Raw Earth Ink in 2020
Available at Angus & Robertson, Dymocks, Amazon, Lulu

I have read this anthology again recently, and I feel it’s worth mentioning again. 💚

Once upon a time

I get to know Alana
she wears leopard print dress
and flaming red nails
she plays the keyboard
in broad daylight
to fight off the blues

We talk about girly stuff
skin exfoliation
hydration mask
hair tossing
and stiletto heels

She tells me about Alan
in corroboree
he wore coloured feathers
and ornamental coverings
he painted white and red bands
across his chest

Alana doesn’t go to corroboree anymore
she cannot bear to see herself
in Alan’s persona with
bare chest and hairy body
she misses her mob
and the land

It is easier to talk about
the Summer makeup trend
balayage hairstyle
slimming corset
and hot pink toes

Writer’s note: This poem was published in Australian Poetry Journal. It highlighted the struggle of being a transgender Aboriginal Australian. They are up against the disapproval of their mobs and elders. The constant feeling of the need to live a double life often adds the stress and mental strain, and subsequently has a negative impact on their mental health.

Social Justice Inks

We are having a launch party at 7pm on June 20 EST Link here

It is a history making anthology in our time. I am touched by each poem because I feel every word.

Social Justice Inks Anthology of Poetry is available now on Amazon and Lulu

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