Social Justice Inks

We are having a launch party at 7pm on June 20 EST Link here

It is a history making anthology in our time. I am touched by each poem because I feel every word.

Social Justice Inks Anthology of Poetry is available now on Amazon and Lulu


This poem made it to Lisa’s Anthology of Poetry Heart Beats and was published by Prolific Pulse Press in March 2021. I was honoured to be included in this anthology along with other very talented poets. Purchase link here

The ocean looks extra boisterous in the middle of a heatwave 
A sea of vibrant tents, umbrellas and cabanas scattering along the long stretch of beach line 
Children are screeching in the cascades of white foams 
Everything is intensifying the scorching sand beneath our feet 

I pray silently for a break of cool breeze 
The sound of Greensleeves is approaching like happy footsteps 
I pause instantly and join in with others swarming towards the ice cream van 
A new found joy springs up with the anticipation of cool relief 
The familiar melody reminds me of the forever happy place  

Greensleeves (Piano)

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