A Woman with Few Words

There are riches within me
that may not surface in words
Words I utter often in solo, acoustic or quietened sound
Sound is such a gravitating instrument
An instrument appeal to particular ears

There are many dialogues in my head
I swim in my own head and thoughts
never feel the need to voice them
They are neither crazy nor important natured
I enjoy organising them internally in the space between my ears

When I do get to say them aloud
they are simple and in plain languages
that I am sure the audience cannot mistake their meanings or weight
If I use the minimum amount of words in the most simple form
then there is little misunderstanding
and little chance to be twisted

If I say
‘I love you’
and it means simply that in the most weighty way


I love blues and greens
and the nudes in between.
The blue sky and the green hills
make everything in between neutral.
My eyes are too satisfied to notice
all the colourful butterflies.
Maybe I am just as simple minded
as the heaven and earth on grand display.