Earth and Tsunami

She is plain
She is unnoticeable
She is nothing to look at
Whatever she tends
They grow

She is passion
She is overwhelming
She is a beautiful disaster
Whatever she touches
They break


I love blues and greens
and the nudes in between.
The blue sky and the green hills
make everything in between neutral.
My eyes are too satisfied to notice
all the colourful butterflies.
Maybe I am just as simple minded
as the heaven and earth on grand display.


she is
as slim as a cigarette
as slender as a cane

only he
sees her through the smoke
knows her aiding quality

while others
are addicted to her
desire her punishment


Innate Sense

the modern labelled beauty
is far fetched from
the ancient admiration

visitation of historically
breathtaking iconic beauty
Aphrodite of Knidos
brings comfort to
my inadequate sense
of self image

I confess
I was sucked into
the velocity of
barbie fashion
while completely neglected
the natural God given
sense of appreciation

let’s cheer again
for her multifaceted

Praxiteles – statue of Aphrodite Knidos

IV – Kiss Collection

Cinnamon kisses are sweet at dawn
after an exotic night play
The remnant of the tangled souls
swirls like earthy warm smoke
infuses the haze cool morning


He is
warm like the winter sun
displays affection in abundance

He is
grounded like the strong roots
carries the life source

He is
transparent with his feelings
exhibits vulnerability

He is
gifted with a wicked sense of humour
shines through a beautiful mind

He is
self aware in quiet confidence
respects others with upmost integrity

He is


your pale beauty
hidden in a luscious emerald screen
your smooth ivory skin reflected off
the cobra blue moonlight

I run my warm fingers on your valley curves
along your spine as celo playing hauntingly
monsoon rain moistens my tongue
feeding the starvation in me

my hunger eyes and barren lips
no longer self contained
charging unshackled to shake you
off the cord


artistic flair
feature displays
current trends
seasonal colour spectrums
stylish mix and match
full of possibilities through
the polished glass
to fit her different personas

while she walks the downtown streets
heads turning for her splendid innermost beauty shining through
the natural coloured classic-cut
other styles are just distractions
to the pedestrians who are
so eagerly lost in the crowd