IV – Kiss Collection

Cinnamon kisses are sweet at dawn
after an exotic night play
The remnant of the tangled souls
swirls like earthy warm smoke
infuses the haze cool morning


He is
warm like the winter sun
displays affection in abundance

He is
grounded like the strong roots
carries the life source

He is
transparent with his feelings
exhibits vulnerability

He is
gifted with a wicked sense of humour
shines through a beautiful mind

He is
self aware in quiet confidence
respects others with upmost integrity

He is


your pale beauty
hidden in a luscious emerald screen
your smooth ivory skin reflected off
the cobra blue moonlight

I run my warm fingers on your valley curves
along your spine as celo playing hauntingly
monsoon rain moistens my tongue
feeding the starvation in me

my hunger eyes and barren lips
no longer self contained
charging unshackled to shake you
off the cord


artistic flair
feature displays
current trends
seasonal colour spectrums
stylish mix and match
full of possibilities through
the polished glass
to fit her different personas

while she walks the downtown streets
heads turning for her splendid innermost beauty shining through
the natural coloured classic-cut
other styles are just distractions
to the pedestrians who are
so eagerly lost in the crowd

The Ridge

grinding my lips onto yours
with ocean scented mist
your shallow breaths are laden
urging the waves to come
tide hunger for the shore


I am fascinated by the music box mechanism
behind the graceful spinning ballerina
is the precision joining forces of fragments
set of pins on a revolving cylinder
plucking the steel comb lamellae

I imagine
the care and maintenance of such
an original piece
requires the patience and skills of
an artisan watchmaker

I am in awe of
the complex and detailed effort
to make real of
a simple gasp of amazement

I come to the realisation
whenever a praise of beauty is heard
a life long devotion is behind it all


strolling under the night sky

along the stars murmuring to each other

occasionally a chuckle fall off the stratosphere

depositing on my spine like chill air

in the infinite airspace

gladly losing consciousness

if not the chattering cicadas

prompting here and now

I would vaporise into the way over yonder