Ready Or Not

Girlie On The Edge Six Sentence Story prompt – Visa

It’s been five whole years since they last talked.
The pandemic lockdown broke them apart, and the need for companion snuffled the remanence of love.
Living with stage four cancer turned her world upside-down, priority of life, things that truly matter and making amends were all she could think of in every waking moment.
She stocked up in medicications, purchased a plane ticket, got a visa approval, and said goodbye to her loved ones, in case she doesn’t make it back home after the trip.
The same driver way, the same door, the same smell of the garden, and the same bird songs, all these were so familiar, but it’s a gamble, she wasn’t really sure if he still lives there, and it felt like centuries have passed before she worked up the courage to knock at the door.
The door opened and a young woman was looking at her, then called out her name, ‘Dad took his own life two months ago, we are here to tidy up his house for sale, would you like to come in?’

Early Summer

At 5am,
she brewed the Arabica beans
into its sultry full body,
let it stain and burn her lips.

By sunrise,
she left her pretty garden behind,
hemmed it to her summer dress,
full of sunshine.

She drove her vintage convertible,
bathed in full golden rays.
Her luscious dark curls
smeared her apricot gloss.

She kicked off her canvas shoes,
freeing her feet
from the opaque tan lines.

She dived into the turquoise embrace,
weaving into the nonchalant fish,
deserted the world.

She was last seen
in early Summer.
That season was reported
the most rain.

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