What matters in the end

we had a discussion today
when we are hurt
do we tell the person that
we are hurt
do we sit in silence
wait for the person to come around
to realise in their own time
it may take years
a life time
even to the grave

forgiveness happens
way before
the reconciliation
we are no longer
imprisoned in our anger or rage
in response to hurt
the finally healing
does only come from
righting the wrongs
the truth


everybody wants a piece of her
yes yes yes
she over commits and
feels anxious to start anything

there are so many fishes
in the sea
busy busy busy
he doesn’t like to sit in boredom
hoping to catch one

it’s a long way off freedom
who knows what tomorrow holds
let’s all wait for
the last minute revolution

what if I fail
what if I am not good enough
what if I don’t matter
how about I never start


desire is pulsating from
his hungry eyes
the intensed emerald orbs
are like lasers
piercing through
her protective aura
she is fearful of
the rawness of his passion
frighten of her vulnerabity
under the naked eye

she puts out the cigarette
retrieves to her carriage
where the billboard is out of sight
she covers her flushed décolletage
with the scarf
clears her throat
and continues to read
to her husband who
lost his eye sight
in a recent car accident


when I was growing up
food was scarce
materials were scarce
I built up tolerance for poverty

I was raised by a village
there was always someone
showed me kindness
I became intolerant to meanness

there are plenty food groups
over abundance of disposals
I am intolerant to dairy

for years
we have strived for independence
are we going too far
to be overly self sufficient

we are
keeping more secrets
building layers of facade
hiding immorality behind
morale codes
desensitising each other
under the banner of
political correctness

I miss the days
with very little
being poor is not
a state of lack
blessed with many
missing the point
is treachery

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