She holds them
like crystal glasses
drinks from them
their sparks, strength
and class

They make her lips
ultra voluptuous
the way they dance
across her bottom lip
the cherry wine
stains them
into crimson velvet

She treats them
with dull conversation
and scratches them
with her sharp claws
the closer they get
the clearer her fangs


The Living Poetry Prompt


I’ve done my neck in
too much jigsaw puzzling it seems
The agony doesn’t stop me
you know
the holiday commitments
the cook, the chauffeur, the cleaning lady

Mild pain killers
barely scratches the surface
of an acute nerve pain
I am on edge with a contorted face
matching the crooked spine

The kids have been splashing in the pool
for hours
Guests start waking up
from the lunch coma
The late afternoon sun
mellows to a warm glow

It seems to be fitting
to play cafe del mar
I am making caipiroska cocktails
tasting is a must
for an amateur bartender
It takes at least three
to make the fourth one perfect

Everybody loves their drink
is it their smile
or the festival spirit
I am floating
without pain

I finally can see my life again
playing in slow motion
My heart rate slows down
My neck is no longer stiff
The music is fading into the household noise
The guests are happy I guess
their faces are blooming
I am ok I guess
in such pain free numbness
How else can it be?

Let me be me

I know I want to write
I feel inspired to write
I do not know what to write

let my heart be the North Star
let my soul be the explorer
let the spillage of paint be art
abstract, impressionist
a craftsman of words
these are too grand for my intention

let me be me
a labourer of self expression
a mumbler of everyday stories
a restless night owl hoots composition

It is my sweat and blood you harvest
It is my life you are drawn to
it is the nature you hear

Let me be me
a reflection of you
in beauty