Chicken or Egg, Love or Sex

chicken or egg first?
love or sex first?

chicken gives birth to an egg
love gives birth to sex

the birth of an egg is like a flash
comparing the coming of a chicken
the moment of sex is temporal
while love is infinite

it’s tragic if a chicken bears no egg
so is love barren in the absence of sex


the world is never in darkness
except the brief moment of an eclipse

light never sleeps
except the brief moment of intermission

we are soaked in so much of its glory
we are actually in awe of its disappearance

we overlook so many blessings
to focus on the specks of trouble
like we speculate the blood moon

Are we that foolish?

Wouldn’t it be easier to love than to hate?
Why do we spend so much energy and amount to self destruction?
Hate eats us up from inside out.

Wouldn’t it be better to forgive and let go?
Who will take notice of our sourness other than our own taste?
Unforgiveness tastes as bitter as hell.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to give the power to the Judge?
What do we hope to achieve by staining our own hands with blood?
Judgement exposes us to the most harsh sentence.

Do we really desire to be hatful, unforgiving or judgemental?
Don’t we all know these are steep hills for the fools?

The tortoise and the hare

born lacking of a physique for speed
sloth looking
agreed to a race with
a born to run anxious jumpy stick

winning the race was
not by luck
nor by strategy
purely by being one’s self

failure is not guaranteed
to realise that is
an identity affirmation

success is not guaranteed
to accept that is
an achievement in itself


I always thought
penguins are fish
fish swim
don’t they

I found out
penguins are birds

distort reality

I become more careful
judging people
by their behaviours


eyes are
to the soul

mirror shows
left right reversed
image of self

we may be lying
looking to the right

no wonder
we perceive lies
to be the truths