I’m patient in the great scheme
Impatient seems like a missprint
It’s a fineline in between

I prayed for your healing
I know God is a healer
God given wisdom told me
to be patient

I am a fool when
it comes to your healing
I wonder why
God is
so slow


we could not fathom
the digital world
it is taking over paper
which once was
the greatest invention

I wonder
how did the people
in the ancient world
the magical paper
liberated them from
carrying rolls of bamboo slips
filled with ink

the irony is
we have libraries at
our finger tips
our literacy world
is slowly dying

is this
just like
the many commercial benefits
of bamboo
but afterall
it is considered
a noxious weed


what if the earth is not flat

what if Vulcan does not exist

what if blank slate theory is wrong

what if the schizophrenics are just
another human species