Light in Abundance

In the spirit of Easter, I decide to write a post about the good things in life. Where there is darkness, there is the polar opposite light.

I am in awe of who God is. He is my heavenly Father, mighty and faithful. He gave me Jesus whom is my saviour and best friend. There is no better consellor and comforter than the Holy Spirit.

I have a family by blood not by choice. They are a living proof of forgiveness, patience and harmony.

Failed past relationships showed me who I am. These many cracked mirrors taught me the imperfection of my own reflection. And yet light still shines on me throught the shards of glass.

For the love ones who are no longer here, although I cannot argue with silence and reason with absence, I have abundance of memories to celebrate and have a jolly good laugh at.

For every living being surrounding me everyday, you are a light filled kaleidoscope. I am simply amazed by you and grateful for your light.

Breath of life

Let’s celebrate today
for the kindness
we showed to self
and another
breathing thing

we received
the gift of breath
like the past each day
for that
we shall celebrate

When the day
it makes no return
we know
we have done
all we could to
the breath of

and no one
can say
we are a failure
we lived our lives
to the fullness
of grace