The Six Sentence Story prompt – Wax

We bade each other farewell at graduation in 1988.
Our grown-up duty called us from the popular college band we played in.
Good bye to those nights when we smoked some weed and waxed some new tracks.
Coffee and cigarettes stained not only our teeth but also our memory.
What remained was this faded photo with all of us lined up in our flamboyant bell bottom jeans.
I took off my fogged up reading glasses, wiped off my tears and slowly sipped my herbal tea.


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Foundation

I caught the happy train today.
The world outside the window
was a kaleidoscope.
I couldn’t help
but clapping and flapping my hands
at the ever changing beauty
before my hungry eyes.

I am dreading to return to my padded cell.
I can never understand why they call it a calm room.
Why is sanity built on the foundation of deceit?

A Field of Cherry Sunflowers

Six Sentence Story prompt – Field

Wherever I saw sunflowers in the day, I thought of you.

You stood facing the sun in full bloom of smile disregarding the harsh light.

The night was a thief who came to steal, rob and abuse.

When the night went on, beyond what you could bear, you let him slit your wrist.

Your passion for life was drained out in crimson rain.

Whenever you came into my dreams at night, I saw you wandering in a field of cherry sunflowers in an anemic gown.

Silence Speaks Volume

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Volume

She married a much older man in Tasmania in exchange of a better life for her family in a small village in Thailand. He was reserved and quiet but treated her with respect.

There was little verbal communication between them because of the language barrier. They went everywhere and did everything together until he fell ill approaching the sunset of his life.

She stayed by his side and nursed him till he let out his final breath in peace. Their rather silent life spoke volume in mutual love and respect.

We Are One

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Kettle

I watched the news and saw how they keep the activists in the kettle during a protest.
It reminds me of fencing the society outcasts in a so call self contained farm.
There is little difference from quarantine.
They are supplied with minimal essential items and expected to survive in a self sufficient way which we all know to be impossible.
They are out of sight, out of mind while the rest of us wonder why sometimes we have broken sleep and experience an unexplainable sense of dread.
We are all connected as inhabitants on mother earth where we share each other’s joy or suffering.

Chester Gallery

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Gallery

The night made its way into the depth of darkness. 

In the dim light of a kerosene lamp, he plaited the corse strands into resilient strings with his nimble fingers.
He  fervently stretched the anaemically pale canvas onto the frame.
Shades of red mixed in an aesthetic colour palette, he restored each painting with precision brush strokes.

When the twilight arrived, he hung all the art works back on and marveld at his resurrection. 

Curator Chester Gallery was arrested on 13th September 1888 for the serial murders of art students in the gallery where he worked.

Fail Love Recipe

The Six Sentence Story – Twist

1 year of sweet sugar romance
1 day at a time dilution of love
1 bit of sour taste of lemon
1 lot of sweeten venom
2 to 3 years of cold hostility
1 final twist of bitter bile

Writer’s note: The real Lemonade recipe is as below

  • 1 cup white, granulated sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 2 to 3 cups cold water
  • 1 twist of fresh lemon


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Bend

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a story without admitting I am a slow learner in life lessons.

My determination and commitment to love didn’t lead me to happy ever after. Instead, it triggered a series of unfortunate love affairs which I was blindsided by my own sheer faith in strong will.

And by the same strong will, I have not given up on love. With the same diligence, I have found myself like a donkey pulling a mill keep pressing on bit by bit till I pass the bend. There will be a day I see the harvest of believing in things unseen.


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Station

Grief brought winter rain to the city where his mother lied in peace.
She boarded the train with the intention of giving comforting hugs and perhaps running some errands to help.
To their surprise, she also brought the weather with her. Warm sun broke off the chill hanging in the crisp air.
They both journeyed half life to be in that exact moment when their hearts finally embraced on that railway station platform.
“Life is the train and not the station” – Paulo Coelho


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Hunch

“He barely kept eye contact and rarely spoke to me when he hung out with us.

We hung out a lot and he was always there wearing his nerdy glasses and checkered shirt.

I found nerds attractive and terribly sexy in checkered shirts.

I thought he was hopelessly shy and sensitive like a bunny rabbit.

Call it a hunch, I knew he was in love with me.”

That’s what I’ve prepared for our wedding speech.