Six Sentence Story word prompt – Connection

It has always been easy for Sage to make connections with strangers. She feels they are all related somehow in the vast Cosmo. Her heart is an open door for sharing of stories.

There is no surprise to see Sage giving an inspiring speech in a high society fund raising ball, sharing a coffee and cigarette with a homeless sister on a street corner, or taking her elderly neighbour to her Aqua therapy every Monday afternoon.

But in her household, she was given the cold shoulder for her career success by the one should have supported her, criticised for her strict discipline by her children, and misunderstood her tireless giving for personal ambition.

Sage sheds tears in her prayer room for the unity she so striving for but doesn’t seem to be any closer in her own backyard.

The Effervescent Bunch

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Effectvescent

We are the middle aged youth who are energetic and effervescent.
We take life’s crisis head-on without whinging or whining.
We have enough discernment to choose which battle to fight.
We see wisdom in both the young and the old.
We learned to count our blessings than troubles.
We taste the goodness of life in the most ordinary way.

My Father Has Dementia at 61

Six Sentence Story word prompt – home

Photo by Cassa Bassa at Balmoral Beach, NSW, Australia

There was always safety in our father’s presence. The memory of him rafting with me and my younger brother out on the Balmoral water in early Autumn is still vivid in my mind today, the same as the cold winter day we buried our mother.

We have never felt neglected by our widow father. And he has never made us feel any guilt although we ran around like mad monkeys in our family home where our mother spent her last weeks.

Now I am sitting by his bed as a grown woman with my own family, listening to him telling incoherent stories of the past. Maybe to him, this is the way he is coping with the open floodgate of emotions which have been bottled up for so long.


Six Sentence Story word prompt – Gear

He shops around on dating sites. From the early banter, it progresses into a coffee date, a small token to test out the potential of such investment. He does it diligently every week like Sunday mass till he shorlists a few.

Commitment is not his plan. He hovers over a few lovers like watching the stock market. The only difference is he is doing it like negative gearing, so to speak.


Six Sentence Story word prompt – Service

You had told me ‘I love you’ for one thousand days. I really thought it meant something weighty.
The bouquets, the words, the hard working late nights were your acts of service. I had mistaken.
How dare you asked me to forgive and forget all your lies.
That night, I tore my robe in anger while you tore my heart apart.

No Filter

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Filter

She walked up to a man on a crowded platform, “You fly is undone.”, then kept walking.

She sat across the romantic dinner table to her Plenty of Fish date, “You have spinach between your top middle teeth”, then ate another fork full of gnocchis.

She was on a call with her sobbing girlfriend who had broken up with her boyfriend. “You’ve been talking about a history like a current event, time to put it in the right period.”, she said ten minutes into the call.

She is somewhat a girl with little filter. She figures it’s better that way.

A Labourer of Love

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Theory

When Sage was a young girl, she applied the theory of love in life. Soon she discovered that love was a multi-faceted gemstone. Love didn’t just shine on its own.

Sage learned the patience of mastering her craftmanship. Through trial and error, she progressively brought love out to be shining bright.

The love Sage laboured became the most precious gemstone in heaven.

A Simple Mind’s Crisis

Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt – Mark

My heart cries out for you.
Heart doesn’t cry, human does.

Read between the lines.
It is blank!

Mark my words, ‘You are so dumb!’
Pass me the pen.

Colour Extinction

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Ocean

Blue is one of the ancient colours among turquoise, navy and coral.
They belong to a group of nature colours once existed on earth.
Many poets, painters and song writers produced arts for centuries inspired by these colours.

There used to be a major hydrosphere called ocean which helped regulate the temperature across the globe.
Then the temperature of the earth continued to rise at an irreversible speed.
The result of that was the dry out of oceans and extinction of the related colours.


The Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

You know when we were first going out, I googled you?

No way! 

I found out you were one of the MARVEL Team Titans characters called Redwing.

Are you serious? Carrie Levine the Redwing!?!

If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself.