Fast Forward Button for Failure

I don’t understand
Why we can be so stuck
In our failures
Unable to let them go
Refuse to let them hinder
Our present
And beyond

I imagine
The purpose of
Over drinking
Is to numb the pain
The humiliation
So we don’t feel
So we still have hope
Then why
Go back to lick up
The putrid vomit
To experience
the unwanted pain

We are complicated
As humans
Beyond our logical mind
Undeniably insane
We are

Walk away

don’t pack
another person’s life
into your suitcase
walk away
the most valuable will
to survive

the shell you lived in
was long decayed
with warm toned furniture
fluffy rugs
and distant smiles in
old photographs

don’t think about tomorrow
what you will need
tomorrow takes care of itself
take hold of today
you have lived on
the unattended emotions
the isolation from life
the false hatred of yourself

walk away
you walk away
from ruin
a new vista


time passed
memory faded

we met
we played
we dated
we parted

never fought
never clashed
never debated
never communicated

no sad goodbyes
no turning back
no once more
no foever ever

time passes
memory blurs


we sat across the bench in the park
you passed me a letter written in sarlet ink
I was too afraid to read the taboo for breakup

it started to rain
the smudge of blood trickled down
marking a curse and a dead past
it was a slow death of bleeding out
youth, hope and dying wishes