Thoughts on Old Photos XI

You won’t know the future by thinking, pondering or debating
but responding to the calling of a wife and a mother
and envisioning him respected at the city gate



Thoughts on Old Photos VIV

I painted you
an avalanche of sun glow
so my smeared hands
cannot fanthom
the beauty within

I locked you away
behind the canvas
so my weary eyes
show no more desire

I sealed your lips
in silence
so your whispers
penetrate my mind
no further

Your catatonia is
my salvation

Thoughts on Old Photos VIII

Semi teases
Some year some day
Still she will wait here
Shall I quit searching for love

Photographed by Joe Femia

Thoughts on Old Photos VII

In darkness, I long for the light
In chaos, I long for the peace
In despair, I long for the angel’s wings


Photographed by David Mane

Thoughts on Old Photos VI

Goodbye my love
I leave for no greener pasture
Keep my frozen gaze under lock and key


Photographed by Joe Femia

Thoughts on Old Photos V

She is much sadder than you ever think.

Her world fades so far away from your reality.

She hides deeper within to keep your world in a constant warm glow.



Photographed by Joe Femia

Thoughts on Old Photos III

I eventually gave in to the relentless roaring waves.

My shadow was slashed into ripples of reflection.

That was the reality of my broken heart.



Photographed by Joe Femia

Thoughts on Old Photos I

Why do you love
wandering along the beach?
Don’t you fear
the harsh wind
and blistering sun
rob you off your youth?

I hide
in the sea shells by day
and wear
the stars by night.
The ocean
keeps me vigourous
and she leads me
to wondrous bliss.

Photographed by Joe Femia