Queen of The Night

The overwhelming sillage
is a reminder
of your presence
like the queen of the night
in the garden
keep blooming
in my dreams

I bury my nose
in the musky pillow
the base note
of your perfume
Memory is such a
torturous ghost

I can’t wait for
the light to wilt
all these illusions
into scentless buds

Today Is Like Yesterday

I remember your breath on my skin
I responded in goosebumps
Your touch kept me secured
in the shape of a heart
You called me a cute name
I paused, melted and became undone

There are so many moments I remember
They match every moment of our today
I fall deeper and deeper in love with you

Summer Holiday

Thirroul Beach, NSW Australia

You used to live by the sea
free like a dandelion
wild like a daisy field

I drove the winding roads
with the car windows down
let the summer sun bite my arm

We picked seashells
like little kids
buried each other in hot sand

We dipped Tim Tam biscuits
in black tea with soy milk
read books to each other

We curled up by the campfire
listened to James Blunt
ate barbecued marshmallows

That was the summer holiday
I spent visiting you
before you left the sea


I have kept this CD player
with our love story
hidden in the tracks
in case
you come to this cafe
we will share our love for music
just like the old days
before everything fell apart

Until then
I have no reason to revisit
the path we strolled along
hand in hand
sharing earphones
dancing to the beat
of our love songs

I wonder
will you blush
like you’ve always been
when you hear it plays
will you still
turn up the volume
trying to drown out
our heartbeats

I wonder
will I finally
allow myself
to break down
when realise
how much
I’m still
loving you


Let’s meet at the Blue Jay
Down the memory lane
Of high school days

Treat me a sorbet trio
Magenta, lime and lemon
Cool the after taste of
Of our bubble gum kiss

In those days
Evenings always came too early
There was no contact after six
Only your smile filled my journal pages

Do you remember
I bet you don’t
On a bed all tubed up
Obliviate to my existence
One of the scrubs
Attending to jumpstart
Your failing heartbeat

Moonlit Streets

memories are like sepia footprints trailing off
on those time polished cobblestone streets

lovers met by the bronze tiered fountain
leaning into the pool of silver moonlight
as the water cascading down
like a mermaid dress

she managed to shy away from his loving gaze
but the orange moon hung on the inky sky
turned her burning cheeks into a charred smile
left her pearly teeth echo the downpour of moonbeams

how many raw passion first kisses
how many lovers’ embrace
how many heartbreak stories
witnessed by the moonlit streets

Thoughts on Old Photos I

Why do you love
wandering along the beach?
Don’t you fear
the harsh wind
and blistering sun
rob you off your youth?

I hide
in the sea shells by day
and wear
the stars by night.
The ocean
keeps me vigourous
and she leads me
to wondrous bliss.

Photographed by Joe Femia

Once existed

Would you remember
I once was the wren
sang by your window sill
to cheer you up
in those depressive
teenager years

Would you remember
I once was the misty rain
so effortlessly blanketed your face
in your early morning strolls

Would you remember
I once was your go-to place
took in all your sadness and insecurity
in your alone nights

Would you remember
woukd you remember
I once existed
in your life
as sweet as the incense fragrance
as brief as the brushing wind
as faithful as the knight

Would you remember

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