some memory is like
a movie that
we don’t want it
to end

so we just let it play
to one third
not to drift into sleep
but rather
holding our desire
to the next
and the next
never ending


you said
love is ephemeral
all the past love you had
all the shes you loved
they evaporated before
you caught breath
like silken streams
sifted through
your every dream
left impressions of
pinscreen needles
monetarily disposed


I would never thought to
miss the kookaburra
woke me up at 5am
but I do today
along with other things

watching the fish swimming
in the water hyancinth filled
inground pond

reading by the crackling fire
under the shade cloth

the smell of lavender, rosemary,
basil and sage from the garden

Sunday roast
and the laughter
once a family gathering brought

they are not the things
made me feel like home
but today
just today
I do miss

Truth revealed

when love runs dry

my body cringes

at the sound of your voice

it gives me away

my denial is futile

One of those things

Is there truly a God?
I don’t see Him.

There is truly wind
as I know how it feels on my skin.

Is there indeed true love?
I cannot see the future.

There surely is happiness
as my heart sings when I see you.

Internal chaos

the nose is having an argument with the lips
you are too pouty
you are so snobby

the chicken is talking to the duck
she says cluck
he speaks quack

my left arm is wrestling with my right arm
we are gonna tangle
we are going to embrace

you and I are fighting
we are mutually amused
each plotting the makeup sex