A peaceful outside world gives the best self reflection

We are at peace with ourselves

World peace is reflected through us

Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Narrabeen Lake, Sydney Northern beaches, Australia


We are such homebodys
the couch is our sanctuary
where the shapes of us
sinking into
the wings of a butterfly
gives life to our dream

There is no more safer space
than the span of us
where body temperature
is within reach
our flesh
is in contact
each of our worlds
knitted into one
bright colourful
landscape of

we are home at ease
in one breath
one flesh
one uniting
force of life


when the wind blows over the lake
the ripples are love songs I am singing to you

in the quietness of the day
here comes my knock on your heart

it’s only as light as whispers
attuned to your inner turmoil

it brings stillness and calm
consoles your dripping wailing heart

when I glide through the door
bathe in surreal inmost peace