Harmony Day

He stood up in front of a crowd shaking and sharing his story.

” I once lived in a beautiful country, worked as a jeweller to raise my little family. Then the civil war broke out, I was persecuted because of my religion. In the end I had to fleet the war zone I once loved as my motherland and home, with my wife and two young children.

We were exhausted and with absolutely nothing when we arrived in Sydney airport. We were greeted and embraced by two born and bred Aussies. We were given a home with all amenities close by. My children went to school one week after we settled in. They were welcomed and loved by their school community. We befriended the Vietnamese, Laos and Assyrians neighbours.

I am working in a warehouse now. Yes, I see racial discrimination at my workplace, in shops and out in the public. But I always remind myself and my family that what matters is the day we came stricken, Australia welcomed us with open arms as their own. And that is why I call Australia home.”

What a beautiful speech on “What does Harmony Day mean to you?”.

My Happy Place

I used to take long drives to see the ocean
and let the waves saturate me with calmness

I used to hike to the top of the lookout
and let the sunrise bathe me in hope

I used to cuddle a soft pillow to sleep
and let the dreams tell me the future

I fell into your arms
where all my desires were sated
where my heart was nestled in
my happy place


First published on 11 April 2019, a collaboration with Mike Ennenbach


let’s shuffle the playlist
Eat kale chips and eggplant wedge dipped in chilly jam

Let’s waltz away in our fave band T-shirts
misted in aromatic oil

Let’s pillow fight and giggle
till our tummy muscles grow

Chase each other
Until we fall in a pile
Laughing on the floor
Cheeks sore from smiling

The thunder of our hearts
Drowns out the music
Gazing lovingly at each other
Until you tickle me some more

Let’s pull down the blinds
Dim the world outside

Let our love twinkle
Stardust falling on us
Echoing the illumination within us

Let us My Love
Let us create the most glorious night sky
All in this place we call

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My love
Shut the world out
And fall into
Our sanctuary in
Everlasting bliss

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My darling
Falling into
Our sanctuary in
Love forever more



We are such homebodys
the couch is our sanctuary
where the shapes of us
sinking into
the wings of a butterfly
gives life to our dream

There is no more safer space
than the span of us
where body temperature
is within reach
our flesh
is in contact
each of our worlds
knitted into one
bright colourful
landscape of

we are home at ease
in one breath
one flesh
one uniting
force of life


It feels like home
seeing the Chinese arts
hung on the walls;
cooking in a cosy mess
where everything is within reach;
talking, joking, laughing,
doing life together effortlessly;
making every minute
the illustration
of the next
for the rest of today
and all the tomorrows to come.

It feels like home
where my heart rests upon
the solace of your love.

7 Years

House is sold at the fall of the hammer
I secretly wish I would experience
a rush of sadness for losing a home

I PET scanned my brain hoping to detect
any remembrance more than an empty shell
with forced smiles

all the eggshells I have walked on
turned into ashes scattering in the garden
feeding the bird of paradise

7 Christmases of opening gifts of unimportance
7 Easters of egg hunt for children’s laughter
7 years of prayer and supplication

House is sold at the fall of the hammer
a weight has fallen off my shoulder
the crown stripped off the prince’s head

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