The prodigal daughter

car tyres roll on
the crackling pebble road
I drag my laden footsteps
to the yellow mud brick house
the door of my childhood flung open
grandma greets me with
her broad smile hung on
her criss cross face
my body quivers
at the sight of
the new fallen snow
my heart is filled with
flushed blood of
coming home


I set out for a journey to forever
the path seemed bright and clear
back then

here I am
wandering indecisively
at the intersection
of another thwarted attempt

feeling lost in a panic
unable to read the street signs
written in a foreign language
hot coals are bubbling underneath my bare feet
the blazing sun is prickling my exposed skin

if only God will give me a sign
but in my malnourished mind
will I trust my own judgement
between a mirage and a vision


africa arid bushes daylight
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