People Do Get Healed

Three years ago
I had to call you your new name

Your birth name was buried with tragedy and trauma

There were times you slipped
when you felt the day was good enough to be yourself

Three years flew by
When you called me all of a sudden
I heard your name
like a chime in the wind
soft and clear

You told me you have found yourself
in ruin and rubbles
still beautiful and worthy

Healing came when you reconciled with your past
and saved the best for last

My eyes welled up
into a smile
‘People do get healed’
plastered my thoughts

A War Vet on The Street

Why are you turned off by my body odour
Why do you despise me of self medicating
You look at me in your pretty dress
thinking that
I am some kind of a predator

We were no different than you pretty lot
We had hopes and dreams
We dressed to impress

You’ll never know the scam
we fell for
in the name of protecting
people like you
who are looking weak and weak indeed

War is the devil
He steals, lies and cheats
He gives false hopes
He shatters dreams
He ruins
He kills

Now you know the truth
Keep walking and go your pretty way
Leave me alone
I gotta get my next fix

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