People Do Get Healed

Three years ago
I had to call you your new name

Your birth name was buried with tragedy and trauma

There were times you slipped
when you felt the day was good enough to be yourself

Three years flew by
When you called me all of a sudden
I heard your name
like a chime in the wind
soft and clear

You told me you have found yourself
in ruin and rubbles
still beautiful and worthy

Healing came when you reconciled with your past
and saved the best for last

My eyes welled up
into a smile
‘People do get healed’
plastered my thoughts


overcame being a perfectionist
was not necessarily easy

don’t raise your hand to
give answers if
you are not 120% sure

don’t comment on beauty if
you are not
drop dead gorgeous yourself

don’t write
in a foreign language if
you make grammar or
spelling mistakes

don’t dream if
you cannot make your
dreams come true

don’t even smile if
you are not perfect

don’t think about rejoycing if
you haven’t achieved
120% perfection

and please don’t laugh
and then tear up
because this
touches you

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