when the sea breeze
blows through the curtain
and bekons me to be awake

I refuse to meet
its face to concur that
the sun is yet to set

it brings me
no new hopes
as it has been
for decades

my monologue to the void
through the land breeze
only makes its way to you
at nightfall

this is
the natural phenomena
I cannot transgress
then why am I still
endeavoring to reach you

張愛玲 《半生緣》

Impression of a couple books

To be honest, I haven’t read a book that left an impression for quite some time. Most books I have read in the last few years have been just for passing time. Once I had read them, I almost could not recall much detail.

There are two books are like gems. They are in different genres and presented in independent brilliance. I consider myself a serious reader, not in a widely read way, but in a focus on serious topics way.

l’insoutenable légèreté de l’être (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) by Milan Kundera.

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It is a novel depicts characters we may despise according to our moral codes and yet they are us in the everyday mental struggle. It left me thinking long after I finished reading.

Notches by Mike Ennenbach.

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It is a short story collection filled with humour, heartaches, beauty and love. I have not been a short stories reader since secondary school. After reading Notches, I felt it was like a tasting tour in an ingenious writer’s mind.

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