Yes people did us wrong.

If we hold on to the bitterness, resentment, being unforgiving,

It destroys us inside out,

not the offenders got destroyed.

Set ourselves free…

and we can!

Let me be me

I know I want to write
I feel inspired to write
I do not know what to write

let my heart be the North Star
let my soul be the explorer
let the spillage of paint be art
abstract, impressionist
a craftsman of words
these are too grand for my intention

let me be me
a labourer of self expression
a mumbler of everyday stories
a restless night owl hoots composition

It is my sweat and blood you harvest
It is my life you are drawn to
it is the nature you hear

Let me be me
a reflection of you
in beauty

A man in Ben Hogan cap

I take shelter in the Ben Hogan

He keeps me warm and stylish

Fending me from the early chirps’ dropping

My tash loves him and desires a pipe mistress

Yet, I will be just happy with a bowtie

Com’om mystery, poetry and crime

I’m ready in the Ben Hogan armour


You made me blush

You made me laugh

For most, you made me feel alive.

With you, I lost time

With you, I lost myself

With you, I lost my reasons to refuse.

We are soulmates, twin flames, out of space.

We are the tale that never ends.

Love Tragedy

I see you

I know you

If I were not broken in powdery pieces

I would have raced across

the river in heavens

to feel you


I am standing still

in awe of your fragile beauty

living out the ancient tale of

Niu Lang and Zhi Nu


It is you
the sweet aromatic wine I am drunk on

It is you
the alluring painting I stand admiring

It is your smile
like the willows in the breeze
brushing over my inner chamber
moving me to brace your fragile physique
longing to store this moment forever

It is you…but surely it isn’t you
wandered off with the same smile
lingering around my lost soul

I cannot behold my desire
How I wish you would
return with the same smile
squeeze in my arms once again

It is you…but surely it isn’t you
kin to an icy heart

I stand catatonically
in the storm
let the raging wind and rain
slash and break this
once in a life time

是你 绝对不是你
希望还是一笑 你能
你 绝对不是你
让我 醉倒 让我 茫然而不知所措
张开的怀抱 只好
偷偷垂下交抱胸前 在
雨下 被敲打

Mental Health First Aid

I was a bit down


I stuck in that melancholy rug

I even took a walk

to the bluest sky

and bathed in the most

striking sunshine

I restrained myself from

looking at the shadow patch

where no grass would grow

I turned off the sad tunes

of agony moans

I even played aeroplane

when dining alone

So one spoon full after the next

I conducted self care

By the nightfall is

when the vampires roar

I wrote myself a cheeky poem

to dig myself out of the

depressive hole