This piece is responding to Lucy’s word prompt – Disconnected

Day shines into night
Ivy clings on and thrives
Sunday transits into a buzzing week
Cool moon elevates into the crack of dawn
Old men see themselves in babes
New born hurries to grow up
Nomality in life expires
East wind overlooks west in demise
Continents united underneath the valley of seas
Treetop rooted by underground mechanism
Empty rooms filled with love day by day
Disconnection is far from nature’s calling


Six Sentence Story prompt – Random

Rain always brings me surprise
Autumn burns me with her splendid colours
No one comes into my life by chance
Devine appointment has its exact time and place
October 2010 you walked into me to escape the rain
Moments in life are never random


The Living Poetry prompt – Name

Sweet citrus floats on woody pine
Ageless wisdom abundant and fine
Golden dreams rest in your smile
Elegant green rope dresses up your crown


A man will not hide under his armpit
Make excuses for his lazy manner
Binge watch The Bachelorette
Idolise chick flicks immaturity
Take advantage of little old lady Terri
Insult public school children’s intelligence
Order take-away fluffy Chinese omelette
Nothing to do but masturbate on sofa all night