Kitty is rubbing himself incessantly
on the corner of my mobile phone.
I am holding tight to stop sending
the sandwich text prematurely.
It will be bad, very bad
if you only get the flimsy bun
and the brunt of the meat
without the spongy esteem.

Kitty doesn’t like me ignoring him.
No, no, not a bit!
He progresses to lie between me
and the phone screen.
It’s hard to perfect a message ensemble
while ducking my head left and right.
Gone the message with scramble words.


A man will not hide under his armpit
Make excuses for his lazy manner
Binge watch The Bachelorette
Idolise chick flicks immaturity
Take advantage of little old lady Terri
Insult public school children’s intelligence
Order take-away fluffy Chinese omelette
Nothing to do but masturbate on sofa all night

Unusual case

a murder mystery
occured at three o’clock
nobody’s around at noon
only a mutt roaming the morgue

here laying horizontal
a koi once was coy

would it be the furry feline
who is licking its lilac coat
or the hunt alone heron
who is parading the pasture

the crime scene creates suspicion
blue-green algae blankets afloat
the floppy leaved floating lilies
consealing goldfish’s corpses

tainted water toxic pond
poisonous plant
inflicted the innocents
unusual mystery unravelled

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