when I see your face

my soul sparkles through the crescents
to absorb the mirror image of yours

my wrinkles flee from the past
to foretell the future

when I see your face

my darkest days are merely inconvenience
like a cup of ill-made coffee

my ailing body is just an excuse
to curl up next to you

when I see your face

the world around me dims
to a backdrop of the milky way

when I see your face


You greet me in the morning
in shyness hiding as a bud
waiting to bloom
with the first sun ray

I mesmerise your vulnerable beauty
with little patience
caress you with eager breaths
witnessing the full blossom


You are the long black coffee I so savoured in the morning.

You are the masterpiece for my artistic appetite.

You are the calamine lotion for my mosquito bites.

You are the cool breeaze before a storm on a scorching summer day.

You are the mindfulness meditation for my anxiety.

You are the healing music to my wayward soul.


your face takes up all the space in my brain

my brain fogets to tell my muscles to breathe

deprivation of oxygen stalls my heart

my heartache finally stops

at the worship of your portrait