Desert Succulents

she is scooped up by the abrasive desert wind
the forced settlement cannot break her spirit
in her arid bed sleeps her shallow roots

she is thirsty for life
the desert rain is often light and brief
too sudden and too short lived for most
for her,
she thrives in conditions others wither

she despises mediocre
the desert sun is scorching and wearing
long suffering brings out her vibrancy
nature trials her with extreme heat and cold
she births uplifting pigments to protect her fragile pose

she is beaten by the violent sandstorm
leaf scorched, foliage torn, uprooted
it seems that she has nothing left to fight
until she senses the coming of fog
and tastes the sweetness of dew

The leopard’s prayer

The Living Poetry prompt

My ancestors in heaven
snow king be your name

Your kingdom come
your will be done
in winter as it is in other seasons

Give me this day my daily prey
and protect me from my predators
as I also have protected my cubs

And lead me not into desolation
but deliver me from famine


prickly lush green leads me down the stream
earthy force channels through my bare feet
a pied heron pokes its head up tilting towards me
I hesitate, unsure of my trespassing
I look at the heron holding my breath
not sure when humans are isolated from
the natural habitat

Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Fagan Park, Sydney, Australia

Hidden beauty

fiery amber woven in parakeet feathers
drape across the wave sculpted rocks
your beauty overshadowed by
molecules of red, orange and yellow
on a sunlit day

Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Turimetta beach, Sydney Northern beaches, Australia


You greet me in the morning
in shyness hiding as a bud
waiting to bloom
with the first sun ray

I mesmerise your vulnerable beauty
with little patience
caress you with eager breaths
witnessing the full blossom

Food for thought

I have learned that nectar is food for
bees, hummingbirds and butterflies
they are attracted to
the colours of the outer appearance
and the scent it gives out
they all show affection
only bees are reliant on it
hummingbirds and butterflies
are open to other attractions


strolling under the night sky

along the stars murmuring to each other

occasionally a chuckle fall off the stratosphere

depositing on my spine like chill air

in the infinite airspace

gladly losing consciousness

if not the chattering cicadas

prompting here and now

I would vaporise into the way over yonder


Summer storm

the sun is pure heat and the air is thick
my breathing is laden
sweat like honey dripping out the comb
except it’s sour and salt and vinaigrette

lying underneath the oak tree
the still air brings no relief
the leaves are like an over woven fish net
pressing down slowly to scoop me up
the creepy fear descending on me

then a blistering light broke my fear
following by a whip crackling
my pleated skirt and hair flying off
I feel the fat raindrops sizzling on my skin

the orchestra is playing louder and louder now
it’s only fitting to dance to its magnificence
running wild barefoot on the wet mossy grass
carrying the weight of drapey clothes and hair
‘freedom! freedom!’ is all the lyrics I utter