This is written based on the Living Poetry Music prompt

She was numb and dead inside. The forced rest in the asylum hadn’t helped. Although with sedatives, the night terrors stopped, but she increasingly disassociated with her surroundings. The most frightening was that she couldn’t feel the warmth of the sun.

In a night like any other night, she was woken up by an owl. She responded to the owl’s calling, escaped the night guard’s watch. In her night gown and bare foot, she followed the line of the tall pencil pines, passed the mossy garden door. It was in late autumn, but she felt no cold.

When she was deep into the bush, the moon was high and bright, but the lake was dark and dead. She saw the owl on the tree branch watching her. The owl made another call. This time, she followed the sound and looked over to the lake again. She saw flecks of silver, then a fish jumping high above the water, then a few fish followed.

Her heart leaped and started thumping. She turned to the owl and it was gone. Instead, there were two possums chasing each other on the branch, the tree leaves, making rattling sounds. She laid on the ground covered with dry leaves, they crackled like popcorn.

She heard the earth breathing steadily underneath her. She kept watching the possums and smiled at the moon every now and then. She hadn’t felt so alive for a very long time.

Wedding Crasher

This piece is written inspired by Autumn’s arrival. I wrote Autumn as the bride, and I am the jealous wedding crasher.

The church bell rings
My heart skips a beat

The vision of you
in all your splendour
turns my blushing cheeks
into specks of dirt
beneath your feet
for flower girls to sit on
around the hem
of your bridal gown

I cannot bear the sight
of your groom
takes your hand
and the glow
reflected off of his eyes

I swear
I want to be the blizzard
to blow off your wedding
and kidnap you
into my avalanche
of love

Publication News – Creation and the Cosmos

I am thrilled that four of my poems and two photographs are included in this poetic anthology inspired by nature – CREATION and the COSMOS, published by Tara via Raw Earth Ink.

I am compelled to write about the beauty of nature,
and to capture it through my camera lens. 
May this book bring you joy and renewed energy! 

Purchase options: Lulu   Amazon  

The leopard’s prayer

The Living Poetry prompt

My ancestors in heaven
snow king be your name

Your kingdom come
your will be done
in winter as it is in other seasons

Give me this day my daily prey
and protect me from my predators
as I also have protected my cubs

And lead me not into desolation
but deliver me from famine


prickly lush green leads me down the stream
earthy force channels through my bare feet
a pied heron pokes its head up tilting towards me
I hesitate, unsure of my trespassing
I look at the heron holding my breath
not sure when humans are isolated from
the natural habitat

Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Fagan Park, Sydney, Australia