The Artist

Heaven plops
blobs of paint
on a quiet morning
like a canvas ready
to receive creation

The still lake
holds up the sky
like a verdant earth
props up the easel

The brush strokes
of the autumn wind
depicts a love story
for a daydreamer
to savour

Mayfield Garden in Autumn, photo by Cassa Bassa

Wedding Crasher

This piece is written inspired by Autumn’s arrival. I wrote Autumn as the bride, and I am the jealous wedding crasher.

The church bell rings
My heart skips a beat

The vision of you
in all your splendour
turns my blushing cheeks
into specks of dirt
beneath your feet
for flower girls to sit on
around the hem
of your bridal gown

I cannot bear the sight
of your groom
takes your hand
and the glow
reflected off of his eyes

I swear
I want to be the blizzard
to blow off your wedding
and kidnap you
into my avalanche
of love


It has gone cold all of the sudden
It’s inevitable to notice
You have arrived
My fingers are cold when touching my lukewarm lips

I close my eyes recollecting your splendid beauty
The rain sprinkling on my lashes
When the chill air seeping through my poncho
The scarf and beanie keeping me genial
Hiking boots springing on soggy ground layed with unspoken words from dreams last night
I see those lost words in colours sage, forest, bumblebee, pumpkin, crimson, scarlet…

Taking a deep breath in, looking up
You’re opening up to me like a peacock in a palette of fall
Except, you gravitating to the earth easing off my anxious mind
Allowing me to taste and digest every inch of your abundant glory

Time is far from the essence

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