Our Time

We live in
an individualistic era
of the contemporary world

We idolise self
ME Bank
more me
super dose of

we are in identity crisis

We neither know
who we are
or why we are
who we are

We constantly
think about
to be
or not to be

Everything is about
mind and mood
Everybody needs
a psychologist

We are shut out
of the world
that we so desperately
want to
and need to
belong to

The continue blurring
of moral codes
and exaggerating need
for individual rights

We are destined to
self destructions
The question is


A Six Sentence Story word prompt – Tree, hosted by Girlie on the Edge

That was a tough financial decision to make about purchasing this old house to convert the front of the house and the court yard into a cafe for all to come and enjoy time together as a community.

It all started from a group of poets and short story writers and enthusiasts wanting a place to meet and share their passion.

We built slowly with just a few small tables and chairs under the giant banyan tree in the middle of the court yard, then a hand craft wooden work bench installed, came the commercial coffee machine acquired in an liquidation auction along with bits and pieces cafe equipment.

My love is the barista on the coffee machine making aromatic beverage with artistic touch, and our patrons write their own orders, pay in the wooden chest, put away used coffeeware in the dishwasher, while I fill in the gap of whatever needs doing.

Surely but slowly, our little cafe is becoming the gathering place for local and international poets and writers to cultivate the art of words, with three prominent groups: the Brother’s Campfire led by Benjamin; the Living Poetry hosted by Batholomew; and the Six Sentence Story managed by Denise, who so fondly named our cafe “The 6 Sentence Cafe”.

Now our home, also our place of work, is filled with like-minded people where the beauty of creativity is brewing with the coffee beans, rain or shine, in this little cosy corner of the old town.

Apology Unaccepted

Today I receive
an apology
from her
for not being able
to put herself together
after many falls

I don’t understand
why does she even apologise
for things
are no fault of her own

She insists
that wasting my time
is an offence
even there seems to
be valid reasons

I can’t help
but think
she is an inspiration
for the fact that
she takes responsibility
respects my time
and still hopes
to put herself
back together
and again
and again

We Are One

The Living Poetry prompt


Despair is hidden in all walks of life
Pain does not discriminate against people
We suffer with our brothers and sisters
Not in silence
But in the open
The act of service is being there
Hand in hand
Side by side
Listening, sharing, caring
Supporting and doing life together
As one

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