Home Invasion

The night overstays your company
You know the day will break again
if you refuse
to give yourself away to despair
The lover
wraps herself around your throat
digs her claws in your arteries
laughs at your virility
injects lead into your feet
claims you to be hers
fails to admit she is the trespasser


Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Collaroy beach, Sydney Northern beaches, Australia


Giving up

Rain trickles down the window
in the train carriage
The world outside is like
miles away through teary eyes
If life is all about the journey
I wish I could break the window
to taste the rancid of rain
so when the sun comes out again
I would be grateful
But for now
I cannot wait
to get to my destination
in an escape from
this tear soaked life


some days
the walls we built
crumble down
to burry us
in gravels
so god damn heavy
can’t escape
our lungs filled
with dust
can’t breathe
we have gone under
there is no further down
to go
the only way
is up

Molecules of Blues

leaning my head
to the train window
staring at the train tracks
how mundane and
heading nowhere
it seems

daydreaming about the ocean
warm sun
salty mist
dancing on my cheeks
just enough to disperse
the molecules of blues

Ebb n flow (pm)

tick tock hurry
kitty catty
tea time buddy
no care no worries
kneading crochet blanket
yes master
your servant is ready

street empty
deafening quiet
not a soul wandering
chapter 5 is waiting
reading or tapping
why don’t I just fold it
to a nap time sanctuary

droopy eyelids
fluttering moth
into a world of slumbering
desert ploughing
mana catching
crispy lips searching dewdrops
for surviving

lips bleeding
stop scrubbing
hot and bothered painstaking
then the thundering
fitfully awaken
it’s kitty purring

oh my!
neighbour’s cooking
woofing down kiddies’ laughter
winking to my walls
mate we’ve got this
dinner table for 1
windy pops and ceiling stares

the door chimes ringing
who can it be now
the evening glow edging in
table for 2
rosemary lamp chops
tomato basil relish
no spirit no wine

to the sobering mind
dance with 4 walls watching
sing with kitty listening
love as hurt never left
the black velvet cape
dragging across the empty room

Ebb n flow (am)

chatty birds
sleeps taut eyes
fairy floss head
stale breath
sand paper throat
cocoon in toasty warm bed
avoidance of the day

flapping eyelids
playing toesies
pouty lips
balloony bladder
shuffling limbs
chilly day

seedy bread
buttering the sky
cinnamon coffee
pull me into the light
the sun is shining
gotta start the day

stewing in nothingness
a hair past a freckle
the heat itching my skin
vacuum, laundry, washingup
all for a sweaty body
sinking in the tub

blowing bubbles
muffle sound
the world is calm
hiding has its limit
fading is long suffering
so as life