winter is mind numbingly long
staring at the icicles
they dove down like pool splash
from the overwhelmed roof
formed a curtain to
shield my tiresome eyes
from the morning haze

sometimes they look like
a baby’s temper tantrum tears
sometimes they glare at me like
a group of flying darts
sometimes they bloom like
frozen dandelions

winter is mind numbingly long
today they resemble
my hair turned grey overnight
I should have kept



You found me

(Photo from picsbud.com)

Cupping my heart with your hands

My fairest

Bundle of warmth

In the desolate place, in the deep winter

Snowflakes melting

With you in my embrace

there is music and lyrics again

the ocean with hues

the valley with shades

My breathing once again meaningful

You came so I could be found again

Now my Love

My heart just blossoms in time for Spring