A Half Winter Sonnet

In response to The Living Poetry prompt – Summer/Winter, I produced a half sonnet. The reason I called it half is because I managed 7 lines, 10 syllabus each line, with no iambic pentameter or rhyme. đŸ€Ș

You came in the deep of the darkest night
The leaves stripped off the trees by violence
You sealed their fate with humiliation
Snow white wedding gown on threadbare body
The bride weeped bitterly in her slender
Larmenting her beauty taken by you
Your treacherous hands ruined the most pure

Writing Spot

The Living Poetry prompt – Backyard

I spent many lone nights
swaddled in a rainbow hammock
by the crackling firepit
in my manicured backyard
under the clear stary sky
in cold deep winters

Many poems were born
from frozen fingers tapping
on a frosted screen
when the embers started to go out
in the wee hours of the night

With a final sense of satisfaction
I straightened my beanie
wrapped myself in the wool blanket
resettled in my ugg boots
hurried into the house
where everybody I loved
were all in a deep sleep

The Lesser of Two Evils

This is the recent collaboration with Benjamin Grossman which helped me greatly in breaking my writing ‘numbness’. Please check out Ben’s blog if you have not already read his amazing work. 

The glacial battle begins in our heads
Face pressed to the sun-pierced windowpane
January snow in recession, the signs of regression 
Half hidden like an iceberg in the arctic water 
And where once a soft glow illuminated the surface 
Only the placement of desolation remains
Reverberating silent screams 
There is no one way of knowing cold
The stages are fluid and transient
Its meaning bitterly ambiguous 
Yet in rare lucid moments, I see husks
An empty bed, scarred skin, chattered teeth
Spirit-numbed mind, missed meals, vacant smiles

There is no one way of knowing cold
Its symptoms appear to have no rhyme or reason
Although they move with wintry doom
From person to person increasing in aggression 
Till you understand the meaning of icy
Which unbeknownst to us creeps in succession 

There is no one way of knowing cold 
Though maybe it’s always the same
Emotional and physical reaction 
A state of feeling dangerously low
Struggling to survive between cold and colder
The very same polar opposites: Arctic and Antarctica



winter is mind numbingly long
staring at the icicles
they dove down like pool splash
from the overwhelmed roof
formed a curtain to
shield my tiresome eyes
from the morning haze

sometimes they look like
a baby’s temper tantrum tears
sometimes they glare at me like
a group of flying darts
sometimes they bloom like
frozen dandelions

winter is mind numbingly long
today they resemble
my hair turned grey overnight
I should have kept



You found me

(Photo from picsbud.com)

Cupping my heart with your hands

My fairest

Bundle of warmth

In the desolate place, in the deep winter

Snowflakes melting

With you in my embrace

there is music and lyrics again

the ocean with hues

the valley with shades

My breathing once again meaningful

You came so I could be found again

Now my Love

My heart just blossoms in time for Spring

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