Home Invasion

The night overstays your company
You know the day will break again
if you refuse
to give yourself away to despair
The lover
wraps herself around your throat
digs her claws in your arteries
laughs at your virility
injects lead into your feet
claims you to be hers
fails to admit she is the trespasser


Photo taken by Cassa Bassa at Collaroy beach, Sydney Northern beaches, Australia


Deep down

she shouted to the receptionist
threatened to hack us all in pieces
she screamed those words out
in a foreign tongue
her neck flushed with red patches
her hair had gone messy
her eyes were fueled with fire

in our shared language
I tried to de-escalate her rage by
offering her a cool drink
while clearly expressed to her
the options of
the police or the mental health team
if she was unable to cease screaming

she sat down
showed me photos of a hole
in her ceiling
and the water marks
resembling the world map
she told me
for six years
she have lived with ceiling leakage
for nine months
she haved stared at the hole
in the ceiling every night

she wept
for her man left her
the hole in the ceiling
is a constant reminder of
how her heart was broken
and it seems beyond repair

she is a tenant
complaining about
a repair and maintenance issue
she is a woman
suffering great despair
what is on the surface
is just the tip of
the iceberg


The cold coffee is keeping me company
as I sit watching the waves rolling in.

I am tired of the long nights with
an empty spot accentuated by the cool moon light.

All the heartaches exhausted my fractured mind.
My eye sockets are hollow and brittle
disregard the flirtatious breeze.

I don’t know why I am so chained up
by the past like a submissive slave.
When the master has been long gone,
I keep the pain and torture to preserve

I have been through tubes of smudging mascaras.
Drought became my heart’s desire and daily companion.

My ailing body no longer withstands
the changeable seaside weather.
Fine sand finds its way into
the window of my emptiness.
I cannot tell is it a rock or a precious mineral.

The irritaion imitates the pain to give pleasure.
My eyes well up and my soul returns.


I am a zen temple
serene and spiritual
open myself for fervent worshipers

who would think
you brought a pry bar
to remove nails
which you thought are
bonding me in concrete
I trusted you to make me whole
but not to break me

who would know
you two used chisels
to carve my perfect form
into damaged sculpture
I am your flesh and blood
I have mistaken your love
to be unconditional

who would foresee
a zen temple
demolished by trusted followers
in the name of
self righteousness


walking on the pale sandy beach
spotting treasures in the sparkling sun
enough to whisk away the pensive mind

submerging in such shimmer
daydreaming the clouds to be
a motion picture of happy memories

until the edge of a rock or
a broke shell
cutting underneath her foot

the clouds turn into a violent swirl
brown bleeding out into the muted sand
from a place of torment

empty drink bottles
a monster broken capillary face
wild eyes flaming
savage shaking of a slim form

empty promises
an innocent blood drained cheeks
fearful stare vacating
prey falling off an arrow

how many times those cuts
drove her to the dark shadow
ignoring the brightly shining sun

gossamer waves reflecting off the water
old blood fading away into the saline foam
like the broken shells
in mock dismay

Fragile – College Poems

meditate in the breezy quietness
brushing the heartstrings
the fragility of body
the scars of the mind
caution in expression

it’s never your intention
tiptoeing around me
still wigwag me into pieces

in a panic
hauling me all up
in vain
leaving a trail of
Blood stains
from frantic steps


The moment of departure

My heart departed
After soaking up your unkind words
Like wine turned into vinegar
The sun has been warm throughout spring, summer, even autumn
Below zero is the depth of winter
Where my tears run into icy poles
The place I used to call home where I hibernated throughout winter
Now wandering with my subdued heart
Home is where my heart is
I beg for shelter for my soul

An Oyster’s Lament

copulating in a big city
with wealth, envious climate and limelight
parasites to city waste and engine oil

not worthy as treasure
nor tasteful as delicacy
nor beautiful as decoration

a life meaningless
lack of joy
missing its calling

what more does it take to lose heart
and spirit
to crash all
still lost
but not found


I am capable of dark
when faced with your obsession

I’ve never promised you love
let love not be the string that weights down your soul

Your promise of one and only and eternity
shattered by the wild flowers lingered around your lonely heart

If I were the marrow of your bones
you so willingly broken for
If I were the air of your life
you so desperately gasping for

Let your cheating deceive me
Bury your confession to rot your conscience
Why treated me with contempt
choked me with your truth

My life was not ruined
instead, was on a marry-go-around
‘he can’t be trusted’ demon sound
tossed me from my peaceful island
each and every time

Now you prostrate before me
with a dagger twisted in your gut
pleading forgiveness for your obsessed soul’s release

My eyes on you are empty windows
Your gushing blood on my fingers like frost

I am capable of dark
when faced with your obsession

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