AFP agents were listening in to that pair of suspected criminals.
All they were hearing was about domestic cleaning.
Agents were frantically decoding.
The report read,
‘The perfect strategy to thoroughly clean up the nation’s financial mess is to progressively detoxify its people using abrasive ethnic cleansing.’

The pair stood in trial in High Court.
They were confronted with the sole evidence of live recording of their bedroom conversation.
‘The best way to clean up home kitchen is to clean as you go by using vinegar spray.’

Bad Advice

This little poem is inspired by My Writing Routine by M L Woldman

The sexy therapist suggested me
to masturbate
to be in touch
with myself

I refused
How could you expect
splendid firework
if you wet the fuse




i❤u to the moon and got lost on the way back

i❤u stacks like maple syrup pancakes

i❤u squillions into the dark roast coffee beans

i❤u bunches scrunched up toilet paper sudoku

i❤u heaps in summer heatwaves exhaustion and profusely sweaty stink