Popcorn Romance

I have worked with Joey for another fun one: Jay – The Fragrance Writer

He likes me
He really likes me
He really really likes me!
All clouds in the sky is everything wonderful in paradise
His smile makes Zac Efron’s fake
His eyes are a candy store I am lost in
His humour is the centre of an amusement park
His kisses melt on my lips like pink fairy floss
He makes me feel like buttercups
And butterflies dance in my stomach
As I sip from his cup of cola.
I hope our saga never ends.

Three months bubblegum romance
Bursts forth a rich flavour
artificial sugar induced decay
Leaves exposed nerve toothache
buttercups lead to a stomach ache
Just like butterflies lead to indigestion.
Too much cola – I’m too wired to sleep.
And this tired saga needs a finale. . .

Our short lived romance is like popcorn
Never lasts to the end of the movie before they’ve gone stale
What I first craved is now just a headache.
And I’m ready to go home.
As I leave, I turn and give one last glance.
Hey, you never know when you’ll crave popcorn again.


photo from unsplash

A regretful encounter

He sees her
a peony thriving
in prime
Her perfection inescapable to
the every cell
in his being
Her lack of fragrance
infuses his senses
with pure nature
Her contentment
in full bloom
with early signs
of fading
His impulse
drives him to preserve
her beauty

She holds him
in adoration
sends him whisper of longing
restrains to speak of tomorrow
She knows too well
her tomorrow is retreating
from this world
his is to take hold of
each sunshine on offer
on this earth

She takes a selfie
sends it to him
to retain the memory
of this perfect moment
in such a regretful time