This is a collaboration with Benjamin Grossman. I asked Ben to write with me in the hope that it would help me to overcome some difficult emotions. I think this poem achieved just that. I love the last line with all capital letters. It is exactly how I feel about emptying negative emotions by putting up a good fight, even it means shouting.

Preying Love

This is a collaboration with Sana on Ted Bundy and Elizabeth Kloepfer. You may read more about Sana’s wonderful poetry via Instagram @Confessions_of_Sophia

is my around the clock
bloodshed fantasy
You give me relief
like I once was
a new babe
slept in peace
without a worry
in this monochromatic world

A viral contempt 
simmers in the pit of my stomach 
As I lay awake  
and stare at the roof
empty eyes 
died a few months ago 
though your love resides still 
In my chest as I take a pill
through lows and highs 
till my pride denounced my cries
of endless love 
of your name 
Now I am amorphous 
out of love 
The heart is embers 
I carry this emblem 
on the vacant mausoleum
of corpse once called memories

Somthing is off
my solace, my love
You make me edgy
All of a sudden
You are out of my possession
You were once the crib
I returned to
after a blood thirsty hunt
my resting place for reprieve
you are out of reach
You befriended the dandelion
and are madly in love with wine

It wasn’t you
It was obsession
that made me fall in love with
bloodthirsty vampire
Your good boy next door grace
yet you never left a trace
You gnawed, clawed at my soul
It was a total blackout
within and without
When you eerily kissed me
left blood from a killing spree
I was obssessed
I was maybe your next nominee
The back yard echoes your melodies
You were a prodigy
of your world
But I am left with nothing
falling in abyss


This is a collaboration piece with Spirited Soul based on a Poetic Duets Prompt – “Pick any of the 5 senses. Now, imagine your life without it, and describe it poetically.” This prompt came from Instagram @PoeticDuets

Beautiful green and orange chunks weaved through the spongy dough.
Aromatic toasted nuts gave that firm structure
like the solid brick work in an architecture piece.
When the baking oven timer went off like a diner bell,
my nose was overwhelmed by the healthy wholesomeness.
My mouth salivated in great anticipation.

As I slide the fork from in between my lustrous lips,
I feel the thick, coarse lump in my mouth.
Swirling around like dry sand when I chew.
Feeling like a handful of moving bugs as I try to swallow.
The kind that land inside your mouth after an enjoyable motorbike ride.

Popcorn Romance

I have worked with Joey for another fun one: Jay – The Fragrance Writer

He likes me
He really likes me
He really really likes me!
All clouds in the sky is everything wonderful in paradise
His smile makes Zac Efron’s fake
His eyes are a candy store I am lost in
His humour is the centre of an amusement park
His kisses melt on my lips like pink fairy floss
He makes me feel like buttercups
And butterflies dance in my stomach
As I sip from his cup of cola.
I hope our saga never ends.

Three months bubblegum romance
Bursts forth a rich flavour
artificial sugar induced decay
Leaves exposed nerve toothache
buttercups lead to a stomach ache
Just like butterflies lead to indigestion.
Too much cola – I’m too wired to sleep.
And this tired saga needs a finale. . .

Our short lived romance is like popcorn
Never lasts to the end of the movie before they’ve gone stale
What I first craved is now just a headache.
And I’m ready to go home.
As I leave, I turn and give one last glance.
Hey, you never know when you’ll crave popcorn again.


photo from unsplash

Howling Temporal Reality

A collaboration with Samantha and Sonia. You may like to visit their work via Instagram:
Samantha (@wordsthatburnedpoetry)
Sonia (@theshaeira_sonia)

Winds taking
Down the guards
Off my superficial layers
Tearing out
Bitter longing dreams
I rise from ashes
Instant gratification
Consoles your loneliness
In an exhilarating whirlwind

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