Clipped Wings

When I heard you singing to me
I thought I could fly to be with you
I have done it so many times in my youth
I have done so again in all my dreams
Reality came to me when the border closed
and then I became the outcast
I realised I would never be with you
with a pair of clipped wings

Lost and Found

Last night you swam freely in the ocean
Rode alongside the dolphins
Unafraid of the jelly fish
I wanted to join you to venture into the deep
My body was reality bound
A child longed for freedom through the aquarium glass

This morning I strolled along the beach
Looked for the remnant of the past
No sign of dolphains, nor jelly fish
Only a sail boat on the edge of the horizon
I wondered if you caught my message bottle

11 August 2020

A malnourished heart bled in broken melody
Would you still hear her devotion
A songbird choked on poison berries
Would you fight to nurse her back to health

I guess
most of us watched in horror
frozen in action
became busy licking our own wounds

It is inevitable that
the heart stopped
the bird died

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