In your presence

If I am sure of
the warmth of the sun on my skin,
raindrops on my lashes,
echoes of my voice….
then I am sure of

you came through dreams to my reality.

Kylie – The Friendship Collection

whenever I meet a psychologist
I feel uneasey about being psychoanalysed
especially you do that to inmates
I was on my best behaviour
until you cracked jokes
and shared about your missionary trip

sharing the same birthday
is no coincidence
you are the impeccable psycho psych
I am the airy fairy day dreamer
there is nothing we hide from each other
over 2 glasses of wine

Lan – The Friendship Collection

back to back interviews
6 had been done and my brain screamed exhaustion
there is alway something about the number 7
there you were
professionally groomed
impeccable performance
a shining young talent
with a compassionate heart
respect from a perfectionist to another
since day dot

I have never told you I admire
your earnest effort put in speed dating
I have never told you I am grateful
you accepted my machine gun bullets no filter comments
I always remember I told you
Benny is a crossbreed
while Milo is a border collie
I have never shared with you
I cherish our friendship beyond
the dog park and coffee catchups


Nads – The Friendship Collection

fishnet stockings, denim skirt,
checkered shirt and an enthusiastic smile
wherever she goes she takes a fun house with her
others are living the life
she is life itself

on a park bench we lazed about to share
vino rosso e formaggio
watching the blanket of flying foxes take off
to forage for food at dusk
she converted me to a Sydneysider

Imaginary friend

there was a tales from my childhood
to dig a hole in the ground
tell all your secrets
bury them with a seed
to grow a tree
bears bitter fruits

I knew there was hell below
all eighteen levels
none of my secrets secured
I altered the tales
to grow a tree
it bore sweet nectarines

I told all my secrets
to my imaginary friend
as tall as a Smurf
great sense of humour
soft hearted
geeky and nerdy

he has never betrayed me
remained faithful to this day
he holds all of me and
never leaves

today I have finally
given him a name
the cutest loyal friend
Chog ❤

Wise friends

How do I know?

how do I know you are my true friends
in times of turmoil

I know you are
in times like this
you put aside your own opinions
you seek wisdom of the most high

I know you are
even you wanted to lash out
on my behalf
you bite your tongues

I know you are
you looked beyond the pleasure of
anger outburst
you tame the self righteous beasts inside you

How do I know you are my true friends?
It is in times like this
I know!