Table for Two

Six Sentence Story prompt word – Space

The sun prints on the floor to give a hint of time.
I have been sitting in the chill for longer than I realise.
The coffee has gone cold, and the froth has gone undone.
People perhaps grow tired of me watching them, they call the bill swiftly.
This table is meant to be bridging our hands together.
But with your absence, the space between us grows apart further and deeper.


I heard that you had been back to visit the old town where we grew up and shared our first secret. It has been years since I counted the seasons the pear blossoms covered the laneway to our sweet youth. You always picked the snow white blossoms out of my hair, and I always searched your soul from your dark eyes. Time was a forever concept back then. We were never hurried to grow up while we glued to each other. The Southern biting cold was our excuse to be skin close and breath mingled. I still remember the sweet green apple taste in your mouth.

I haven’t been back for years, probably since the day of your wedding. All I remember was my world came to an end that day. I can’t remember how I managed to sweep up my broken heart and keep going, how I made it to the city, how I started to be a different version of me who is a stranger to me till this day. People say love hurts. Perhaps I didn’t experience the hurt because love died.

The train is coming in eleven minutes. I need to get on this train to make it to grandma’s funeral. For the first eighteen years of my life, grandma was my rock and my shelter. I failed to visit her all these twenty years, and missed the chance to say goodbye. For that, I hate you. I hate your careless decision and it rob me of the ability to keep loving. This hurts. It really hurts. It hurts so much that I have to step out of my own body to avoid the pain.

The clock on the platform is counting down. I see a grown woman sitting alone sobbing. Her face is contorted by grief or pain which I can’t differentiate. She looks so small and helpless. The door opens. I get on the train and sit by the window, keep watching her. Soon she is fading into only a smudge. I wonder what is stopping her to board this train, and why she is so sad.

Deep in the Woods

The woods has memories

The flaxen sun plaited into the canopy of greens
Playful feet dipped in the cool stream
Lilac wildflowers witnessed their promises

The woods has memories

The trees whispered her name
He raged against the tree bark
Broken knuckles, virgin blood
The old well filled with tears
Covered by mossy sorrow

The woods has memories

A lost boy mourned his love
trapped in the woods
stuck in the loop of time
The trees whispered their names


I have kept this CD player
with our love story
hidden in the tracks
in case
you come to this cafe
we will share our love for music
just like the old days
before everything fell apart

Until then
I have no reason to revisit
the path we strolled along
hand in hand
sharing earphones
dancing to the beat
of our love songs

I wonder
will you blush
like you’ve always been
when you hear it plays
will you still
turn up the volume
trying to drown out
our heartbeats

I wonder
will I finally
allow myself
to break down
when realise
how much
I’m still
loving you


This poem is dedicated to my fellow Instagrammer who survived Covid-19 but lost her mother in India. 🙏

do you remember
we spent long hours
on talking about my future
choice of men
ways to raise my children
and you would be
by my side
to guide me
to help me

that became just
fractions of memory
all of the sudden
took me by surprise
in such a violent way

I once was a soaring bird
with wings you gave me
I am faltering
falling so ever low
touching the pit
of my existence

Oh Mama
do you remember
you spent hours
on comforting me
nursing my wounds
restoring my strength

But Mama
when you needed me
I was too weak
to look up
I was too engrossed in
my own battle
I lost sight of you

forgive me