The blues landed on me today

Even the sky is shedding tears

Sadness trapped inside me

Exhaling in vain

Where are you hiding, my cheery clouds?

I lost you in my dreams last night,

neither could I see you now.

The beginning of my melancholy days…


(Image by Josh Knight)

rushing rain

twirling dust

wind, the ballerina

orchestrate the masterpiece

console my sleepless nights

soothe me with sweet dreams



There is no we

You said you were ok
I didn’t agree
I embraced
I said I was sad
You didn’t respond
You walked away

By the sea

she collects your tears

washes away the blues

she sings you lullaby

sends sweetness to your dreams

she gives you rest

mends your broken heart

God comes through

I know God is faithful and yet I still doubt.

Jacaranda blooms in spring gloriously on this patch of the earth.

In late Springs, I enjoy strolling down the street where they are all lining up and yearning each other. Romantic poems written about the magnificent jacaranda.

Yet, my inclination to jacaranda is God comes through by illustration of its splendour Spring after Spring overcame the nakedness in Winters.

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin.”

God IS Faithful!


Yes people did us wrong.

If we hold on to the bitterness, resentment, being unforgiving.

It destroys us inside out, not the offenders got destroyed.

Set ourselves free…and we can!