your pale beauty
hidden in a luscious emerald screen
your smooth ivory skin reflected off
the cobra blue moonlight

I run my warm fingers on your valley curves
along your spine as celo playing hauntingly
monsoon rain moistens my tongue
feeding the starvation in me

my hunger eyes and barren lips
no longer self contained
charging unshackled to shake you
off the cord


let love flow between us
it’s in the stares
unveiling all the desire

let the unspoken words fall on the silent echoes
it’s in between blinks
loving you inextinguishably

let flushed cheeks unsettle
it’s the rosy glow
giving away the secret réciproque

Behind the giggles

Sulphurous fumes bubbling up hot springs
Pressure cooker letting out scorching  steam
Our giggles channeling burning needs