Magnetic pull

I was thrown from the pedestal
to the cold floor
scattered about like
a pile of tempered pins

My mind rushed to all directions
attempted to secure a clearance
pleaded for calm and still respite

You showed up
like a magnetic field
allowed the space and silence
pulled my head straight
towards you
my being reunited before
I made the final dash to you

Our hands and feet
foreheads and noses
lips and chins
mountains and valleys
all intertwined in
the voltex of
magnetic pull

IV – Kiss Collection

Cinnamon kisses are sweet at dawn
after an exotic night play
The remnant of the tangled souls
swirls like earthy warm smoke
infuses the haze cool morning

Final breath

If you would ever know
my deepest desire
to have you relentlessly

The post passion ignited combustion
restlessly unsettled
swirled its way to the pilot light
adrenaline fueled exhausion
forged ahead to final explosion
into crimson chaos

My soul swaying the brush strokes
fashioning a pair of red dust dolls
in the purest form of creation

It is done!


Your fingers leaving burn marks
then kissing them off
one by one

Set me on fire
burning us to ashes
rebirth again
new for the dawn

Bring on the new buds
pulling the heartstrings
play me like a symphony
pleasing to Amor

peeling off petals
one by one
fragrance scattering
intoxicating all senses

The body once a wasteland
slowly soaking up the dewdrops
trickle to a stream
a river
a sea
a tsunami