Logical Assumption

Everything seems lovely on the surface.
There must be something inherently wrong with me.
That’s why I am surrounded by regrets.


woman s face
Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com


she is
1% of
the population

she is
a major outlier
falls outside
the data fences

she is
the wind
that slips through
your fingers

she is
a masterpiece
fits only for
gallery display

she is
as warm as
the sunshine
as cold as
an ice sculpture

Life’s highs and lows

an empty plastic bag
danced in the wind
Fouetté, Grand Jeté, Plié
took a bow

blown away

hung on the tip of a mast
sailed towards sunset horizon
with a distended belly

rolled away

whiplashed by ocean waves
deflated under the
anaemic moon

drifted off

afterglow art backlit birds
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com


eyes are
to the soul

mirror shows
left right reversed
image of self

we may be lying
looking to the right

no wonder
we perceive lies
to be the truths

Test of patience

a blessing or a curse
ability to see the end
standing at the starting line

what’s in between
my zone out territory
are many animations

ants on a hot plate
octopus in frenzy delinquency
penguins in distress
snails on strike

for self amusement
I dream up mismatches
hopeless romantic and psychopath
rescuer and victim
provider and freeloader

it doesn’t matter in the end
harmony or dissonance
started at the same line
ended in destiny
what’s in between
test of patience