Code Word

Living Poetry prompt – Picnic

Prosecco in the chiller
French brie with rice crackers
Carrot and celery sticks
We were off to a picnic!

We walked a mile
deep into the curve
of the sandy bay
passed the nude beach
waved at saggy breasts and balls

We set up the sun tent
spent a Sunday morning
making out
But we told everyone
that “We are off to a picnic!”

Pumpkin Field

Remember that pumpkin field
under the harvest moon
where we lay in the coolness of the night?

A beatle crawled around my ankle
while your fingers gliding between my longing
landed in a fire
ignited by our stardust kisses.

The shallow field matched our breaths.
The rough skin of the pumpkin fruits
reminded me of your raw passion
overcame the smoothness of my skin.


This is written for Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt – Confetti

We were so young.

It’s not our fault that
we didn’t have time
to rehearse life.

We didn’t understand that
stubborn promises were just a preface.

We loved so hard.

We were so inexplicable,
so endearing,
so annoying,
consumed by seven emotions
and six desires.

It was cold that day,
tears turned into ice,
snowflakes falling down
like confetti,
red-eyed, red-faced.


she was
the bonfire
flushed his cheeks
toasted warm
in the cold nights
of all the wasted youth
too stoned
to recollect all the laughs
only her cherry lips
stained on
his pea sized remain

over the years
he has searched for
the same sensation
of her dim heat
caressing his shyness
to blossom
he lost the words
to write her
into his poetry

there are memories
he cannot articulate
he cannot shake
he can only
let them be
guity of
being young
and naive

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