Purple Dream

I remember watching you disappeared into the sea of jacaranda last Spring.
You took the ending chapter of our story with you and left me with the blank pages.

Last night, I dreamed of reading by the jacaranda tree. Purple hearts filled the empty pages overflowing like confetti.

In the morning I reached out for the remnant of you. But the Autumn air was cold enough to frost my purple dream.


An effortless collaboration with Ben, do check out his amazing poetry on Instagram Remedy Poems


My words are falling
over your collarbone
like loose strands
dipped in charcoal
bleeding through skin
The things you craved
but now regret
Home is a memory
distant and frostbitten
by turquoise hands

close up photo of woman s face
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Pexels.com

Lost Love

An interpretation of Jun’s poem


You know the one
The one you once loved so tenderly
Her smile filled your daydreams

When you look back to connect the dots
Your heart leapt for her
Your mind set on ambitions
You eyes were distracted

Now time and place passed
She has long gone
You are hunger for love
You are deprived of spiritual food
You have spent half of your life in wander
Autumn leaves falling in the melancholy of missing her

The river springs to the east

How I wish
love is like catching the subway
There is always a next one when you miss this one
The in between time is perfect for adjusting the mood
without overthinking who is to be blamed
But we all know too well
lost love is like a river springs to the east
we can never quite stop the flow of sorrow
until it floods our sleepless nights



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